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How To Get Your Child More Active This Summer At Child Care North Ryde

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Child playing in child care center in north ryde

Summer is just around the corner and as you are well aware, this break is slightly longer than the other school breaks. Many of us will want to spend more time with our children during this time, but work and other duties often get in the way. This does not mean you leave them to their own devices.

During this holiday, you can still have your child attend childcare in North Ryde. Many childcare centres continue as normal throughout the summer. A common mistake which most parents unfortunately make is letting children sit around and watch TV throughout their break. This is not a great idea.

Children need to be constantly active to enjoy the following benefits: strong bones and muscle coordination, stable motor skills, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity, better sleep, ability to concentrate, positive attitude, etc.

We understand that this is an overwhelming task for most parents and guardians. If you cannot find ways to keep your little one active during this time or are looking for ideas, this article is for you. Our childcare experts shared with us easy and simple ways through which you can keep your child active all summer. Check them out below.

Have Them Help You

Even though your child is not old enough to do chores around your home, having them help you is one way to keep them active. You can start by selecting the chores your child shows interest in and slowly teach them how to carry them out.

Are they into cooking? You can keep them active by letting them help you with shopping for ingredients (and mixing them), washing utensils and so on.

At other times, let your child complete tasks like brushing their own teeth, picking up their toys after they are done playing and even putting their dirty laundry in the basket. These little activities have double benefits. They teach your child how to be responsible and caring.

Limit TV Time

You may be tempted to let your children sit in front of the television all day long. It is educative after all, right? Well, the problem with doing this is that watching TV for long denies your child most of the benefits we mentioned earlier in the introduction.

It would really be great if you limit the time your child spends watching their favourite channels. Choose a specific time of the day when they can watch and leave the rest for physical activities.

Let your child understand the importance of this so that they won’t be sneaking in to watch while you are away.


Painting is one of the most emphasized learning activities in centres that provide the best childcare in North Ryde and this is because it allows your child to demonstrate their understanding of their environment.

Through trying to recreate what they see, painting boosts your child’s hand-eye coordination. It also ignites their imagination, especially when they have to paint from memory.

Painting is also fun and educative since your child learns to balance colours and transfer their environment on a flat piece of paper.

So, consider buying your child age-appropriate paint kits and watch them spend hours trying to get colours and shapes right.

Invest In Toys

Toys are easy to overlook but go a long way in keeping your child active. Get an assortment of them, from puzzles, board games and balls of different sides to remote-controlled cars, dolls and electronic toys.

Toys will keep your little child active at all times. One minute they could be arranging blocks, the next they could be dressing their dolls up.

The benefits of playing with toys go beyond improving physical health; your child also gains cognitive skills in the process.

Make It A Family Affair

Children often warm up to activities they see other family members and adults do. That is why providers of childcare in North Ryde employ well-trained and passionate caregivers and educators to play with your child, teaching them a variety of skills in the process.

You can also keep your child active during the summer by doing the same. Even though you may have a tight schedule, it is important for you to set aside several minutes to play with them.

Look up play activities suitable for you and your child then select a time when both of you are free to engage in them. Make this more fun by alternating between activities.

Outdoor Activities

Did you know that playing in the sun improves your child’s bone development? In addition to that, activities such as sand and water play improve their cognition function and physical aspects such as muscles, coordination and even balance. When you do not have ample space for outdoor activities, your child can still enjoy walking your pet with you.

There are numerous many other activities your child can engage in this summer to boost good growth and development. If you are still unsure of what to pick, talk to any trusted provider of child care in North Ryde. At Kids Planet Academy, our experience with children allows us to choose activities best suited for their age and environment. You can get in touch with us for ideas.


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