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We are committed to offering fun and educational excursions with every season.  This is beneficial to the children because it offers them an experience to explore outside of the centre where they can grow their confidence skills, self-awareness, adaptability, and resilience. This nurtures the children's natural curiosity and gives them a sense of safety by being able to venture out with trusted staff and knowing that they are in good hands. 


Excursions play an important role in the development of children because it allows them to meet respected members of the community, engage the children in discussions about serious topics while still having fun. Excursions expose the children to new beautiful scenery to take in as well as engaging all their senses. These memories with their peers and Educators often stay with them long into adulthood. It's a great way for the children to bond with staff and their peers and develop strong friendships which will propel their learning at a rapid speed. 


This is also a great way for the children to be exposed to different careers and to have respect for members of the community, animals, art, the environment, music etc. Every excursion is well thought out and planned to be a first class experience for your little one. We make sure that every excursion ticks all the boxes in regards to Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality framework.


Every excursion is well staffed, multiple risk assessments are completed and trial runs are executed to ensure it is safe, fun and educational before bringing the children along. Parents are more than welcome to join the excursion as well. We make sure the excursions are photographed and uploaded onto our private Facebook group for families unable to attend.

Woolworths Discovery Tour

Our children in the preschool room went on a Woolworths discovery tour, we travelled by train it was great fun! behind-the-scenes at Woolworths we learnt the importance of sustainability, food-waste management and the importance of environmental care. We also were able to go into the back area to the bakery where all the yummy bread, hot cross buns and doughnuts were being made, we even had a little taste of the yummy doughnuts. We explored the seafood section, and got the chance to learn some fun facts about veggies too! This was so much fun!

Picnic Excursion

Excursions are a very important part of our program at Kids Planet Academy as we are able teach our children various topics in relatable environments and experiences! We had a wonderful morning in the outside area of our beautiful centre, while having morning tea. We also climbed horse statues and collected some leaves for our paintings later. 

Swimming Classes

Our preschoolers started their swimming class this morning and they had so much fun! We tried making bubbles, did some kicking and floating on the water. Thanks to our lovely instructors most of us had built some confidence and developed a passion for swimming already!

Halloween Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! All our educators and children dressed up today as different characters like wizard, baby shark, leopard, humble bee, Micky mouse, dinasour and a lot more cute characters! We went for trick or treating at our neighbours and then had some Mummy dogs for afternoon tea! It’s really great fun today.

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