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What we Provide

  • Sunscreen

  • Five nutritionally balanced meals including: Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea and a late Snack at the end of the day

  • Nappies for up to 3 years

  • Bibs

What to Bring

Our Centre provides most of the items your child will need during the day – nappies, snacks and meals, books, toys and resources. You only need to pack a few items for your child. You need to bring:

  • Hat

  • Water bottle

  • Bedding (sheets)

  • Comforters such as pacifier or favourite blanket

  • Spare clothing

  • A family photo (perhaps)  



The First Day

A family’s first day at childcare is often exciting, sometimes emotional and occasionally.  To make the transition a little easier, here are a few tips for the first day.


What time should I arrive?

Families are welcome to arrive at  any time but we do encourage them to come earlier than normal being the day. Once the routine is familiar, you can arrive as you please.


What do I need to bring?

At Kids Planet Academy, we provide everything children might need during their day. However, we do ask families to bring a water bottle for their child to use throughout the day, some spare clothes as some experiences can get messy and any comforters such as a dummy or sleeping bag/blanket the child might need to make them feel more settled. 


Who should I ask for when I arrive?

When you arrive on your first day the Centre Manager (or 2IC) and Room Leader will be here to greet you and help settle your child in.


What happen after I arrive?

When families arrive, they are assisted to sign their child in, store the child’s bag in the correct locker as well as meet the Room Leader. The Room Leader will settle your child through an activity or by introducing the other children in the room


What is the best way to say goodbye to my child?

We highly recommended that you allow sufficient time on the first day to settle your child rather than leave quickly. It is important to always say goodbye and remind your child that you will be back later as this gives them a sense of security.


My child seems upset, how do you settle them in after I leave?

We will reassure them that you will be back, and encourage them to explore the environment, engage in experiences and interact with other children. A specific educator will be close by to settle your child as well as build a relationship to help them feel safe and confident.


What will you do with my child on their first day?

The primary focus on the first day is on building relationships between your child and their educators and the other children in the rooms so that your child feels safe and secure. We also focus on encouraging children to engage in fun and creative experiences which interest them.

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