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At Kid’s Planet Academy we believe that it is vital that educators ensure that they are good role models for our children who can then be inspired to build trusting and respectful relationships with educators and peers. We provide positive opportunities for our children to engage in new experiences in a safe and friendly environment that encourages them to gain knowledge and skills.

We believe that it is vital to teach children how to independently complete tasks through active hands on involvement within engaging and rewarding learning experiences. We believe that all children should be treated with respect and fairness, and their cultural and diverse backgrounds are embraced and acknowledged by educators and peers.

Our goal at Kid’s Planet Academy is to incite a natural inquisitive learning mindset to enable our children to explore, enjoy, and create their own learning spaces where they feel safe and secure while interacting with their peers and educators within a sustainable environment that encourages them to care for the natural world as well as each other.

At Kid’s Planet Academy we believe the families are the child’s first influential teachers, therefore we feel it is important to us as educators to establish good strong bonds and open lines of communication with all families.

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