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At Kids Planet Academy we offer high quality educational in-house event. Our qualified educators listen to the interests of the children and plan appropriate incursions to follow up on their interests. 


During the ages 0-5 are the most influential and important years to build and grow the children's knowledge which is why we are committed to providing as many learning opportunities for the children in our care. Incursions are a great way for the children to learn as they are engaged and more likely to soak in the vital information. In-house events are a fun way to learn in the safety and comfort of our centre.


In-house event are vital for the children's development as it teaches them to expand their concentration span, teaches valuable lessons such as respect for teachers, elders, people of the community and family members which is a part of school readiness. This is also a way we can incorporate members of our community into of centre which makes the children feel like they belong as well as inspiring them for the future.


Every in-house event is documented and shared with all parents in our private Facebook group and parents are more than welcome to attend. All of our incursions are meeting various outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework and in conjunction with the National Quality Framework.

Sushi Making with SUSHI HUB

Today we had one of our fun, educational monthly incursions at our service, we had the sushi hub come and join us, Our children were so excited rolling their sushi up this morning! We skipped the raw fish and stuck with fillings that are a little more kid friendly, like cucumber, avocado and egg. It's such a fun and interactive activity which has the children asking"when can we make sushi again?"

Flower Arrangement with P.S Flower

The flowering workshop ended successfully on this Thursday! All the children from our ROCKET, PILOTS and ASTRONAUT rooms had a good hands on experience to touch, feel and learn how to do a flower arrangements.

Our kids had a blast doing this project and everyone came home with a flower bouquet/basket. We are so proud to watch them explore, design and create in their own and special ways!

This was such a great sensory play that stimulates a young child’s senses such as touch, smell, taste and sight, also it’s a perfect way to foster their creation and imaginations.

Gymnastic Class

Today we begun our very first gymnastic class that we will be incorporating into our weekly routine, it involves Jumping, rolling, leaping, and balancing…It is so much fun! Gymnastics improves all round muscle strength and flexibility and is fantastic for balance and posture. Also, it encourages a healthy lifestyle and children learn to love being active!

Parents Date Night

Our parents had a wonderful night last night as we had a lovely date night for all parents. While the children were watching movies quietly, the parents were having fun chatting and just relaxing, Here at our centre, we look after children, and take care of our families too.

Vet Visit