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The Benefits Of Having A Pet While Your Child Grows Up By The Best Childcare In Macquarie Park

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Benefits Of Having A Pet | By The Best Childcare In Macquarie Park

Interactions with pets have proven to raise levels of serotonin and dopamine which are in charge of positive feelings among humans. Many families across the globe keep pets as companions.  But did you know that keeping pets has an impact on your child’s physical and psychological development? Early childhood education experts and top providers of childcare in Macquarie Park recommend having pets around for several reasons. This article highlights some of them. Read on.

Builds Strong Emotional Skills

Having a dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal at home can teach your child to bond and trust. Creating meaningful relations by taking care of the pet makes a child learn when they need food and when they are sick, happy or sad. 

The non-verbal interaction your child has with your home pet boosts their self-esteem, confidence and compassion which goes a long way in developing a strong emotional structure. 

Petting and cuddling offer stress relief and comfort when your child feels sad, afraid or angry. It teaches empathy, a skill that will help your child even in their adult life. 

Further emotional stability is gained when your child bonds with and sees the pet as a friend, providing comfort and security.  

Promotes A Sense Of Responsibility

Pets require feeding. They need to drink, see the vet once in a while or even go for walks outdoors. Owning one requires you to carry out these tasks without fail, creating responsibility. 

From filling their pots with water or their plates with food, your child learns what time it’s done and how to do it right thus cultivating their responsibility. 

Having home pets generally encourages children to be responsible and accountable, which are skills that will make their life better even as they attend childcare Macquarie Park

By committing to taking care of the pet, your child earns their first feeling of being in control and looks forward to performing well.

Teaches Unconditional Love

Pets offer unconditional love since they do not criticize or judge. In turn, your child develops positive feelings towards them which go a long way in making them compassionate. 

Pets turn to be your child’s best friend through play and other activities they do together. The companionship learnt by interacting with their pet arms your child with social skills that will help them interact with others well. 

This unconditional love teaches your child that you do not have to react and take your anger on others. Just like the pet, they can love others and create a safe place for their emotions thus being a great confidant.

It’s Therapeutic For Children

If you have a child with a disorder, there is no better way to help them get better than getting them close to an animal they are comfortable around. Pet therapy has been successfully used to provide comfort, warn of dangers and help perform some tasks for children with disorders. 

They can calm and help your child relax and reduce boredom. In some cases, your pediatrician may recommend a pet for pain relief for your child or even motor skills improvement.

They Make Them Happy

In addition to giving constant companionship, pets do make children happy. Your child can spend lots of hours outside, either playing with their pets or taking care of them. 

Pets also make children happy when they ask them to sit, stand or move. While this encourages them to speak more, they are happy to know that they can communicate with their pets. 

Taking care of a pet also makes your child feel needed and gives them purpose which boosts their happiness. 

What’s more, dogs, cats, birds and other small pets reduce stress and anxiety, improving the general mood in your child.

We can go on and on about the numerous advantages of having your children grow in a home with a pet. However, the best thing is to let your child experience this by getting them a pet of their preference. Ensure they know how to handle them to avoid bites and scratches which create a bad relationship. To know which pet to go for, you can talk to your child’s caregiver or consult caregivers from any of the centers that provide the best childcare in Macquarie Park. They will provide you with more information about pets and their benefits to your child. They could also give you suggestions on where to get well-trained pets for your child.


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