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What Makes Kids Planet Academy Different From Other Childcare in North Ryde

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Childcare in North Ryde

Even though North Ryde has plenty of childcare options for parents to choose from, not all of them will live up to your expectations. At Kids Planet Academy, we are proud to have won the loyalty and trust of many parents who have been looking for quality childcare in North Ryde. Our programs tailored to help each child grow into the best versions of themselves. Read on to learn about what makes us special.

Room Program And Learning

Knowing that your child needs to learn early enough to lay a good foundation, we go beyond the usual babysitting services to offer them the best early childhood education. We have based our teachings on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a state-approved program that advocates for learning that is engaging and beneficial for kids.

This not only supports and enhances your child’s learning but also prepares them for an easy transition to actual school. We incorporate different techniques to equip your child with values like good communication skills, responsibility and a sense of identity.

Knowing that children require a different approach at different ages, we have set aside four (4) rooms for 0-2 years; 2-3 years; and, 3-6 years. We also bring in guest educators regularly to give children exposure from different fields.

Exceptional Educators

We do not take chances when it comes to offering sufficient supervision to children placed under our care. Our child to staff ratio meets the state requirements for the different ages we enrol.

We also assign specific educators to individual children to ensure close monitoring. This way, you have accurate feedback on your child’s progress.

Both the caregivers and support staff within our facility are qualified, experienced and compassionate about childcare in Chatswood and in seeing your child grow. We take time to vet them and do thorough background checks during recruitment to ensure your child is in safe hands.

Optimised Security

Knowing very well that children can easily stray, we have security measures and policies to ensure they stay within our premises until you pick them up. Even though we have an open-door policy, we are also cautious about letting strangers walk in to pick your child.

For further security, we issue your family with a unique pin number without which your child cannot leave. This allows you to easily drop by our centre at any time during the day and interact with your child for short periods.

Ample Outdoor Spaces

As the best providers of childcare in North Ryde, we believe in physical growth through outdoor fun and games. That is why we have set aside enough play areas with sufficient supply of sunlight and fresh air which are vital for physical wellness.

We let your child play with a variety of items and equipment, either on their own or with their peers. Our caregivers will also introduce your child to different other activities that will help gain better balance, develop coordination and even have stronger muscles.

Good Parent Educator Communication

Knowing that we share a common goal; that of seeing your child grow into a reliable, trustworthy and dependable adult, we make an effort to keep constant communication with you.

Our caregivers keep tabs on your child’s progress in all our programs and also keep you updated. We have invested in a variety of communication methods to ensure every parent has an easy time accessing and receiving information about their child.

You will even have access to photographs (and stories) showing you the activities your child takes part in. This is made possible by Story Park, which is a platform you can access with your smart device. You can log in with your secure PIN to view children’s experiences at any given time.

Health And Nutrition

You do not have to worry about what your little one will eat while attending childcare in Chatswood. It’s our prime goal at Kids Planet Academy to provide them with a well balanced healthy diet and see them achieve better physical, cognitive and intellectual growth.

All the meals in our facility are prepared in a commercial-grade chicken by knowledgeable and experienced cooks to ensure they meet the required nutritional and health standards.

We also take into consideration children with special dietary needs. You can rest assured that we will provide for them the right and suitable meal for their situation.

Generally, we take time when selecting meals to ensure that your child gets the right portion of nutrient-packed servings.

These are just some of the things we take pride in at Kids Planet Academy and which make us the best childcare in Lindfield. Contact us today to find out more about our services and learn how best they can benefit your child.

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