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The Different Ways You Can Teach Your Child To Be Responsible By The Best Childcare Macquarie Park

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Childcare Macquarie Park

We all want to see the best traits in our children as parents. We want to raise caring, loving, and thoughtful children. One trait, however, overrides all: responsibility. It is an important trait not just in their young age but also adulthood. This is part of what they learn while attending childcare in Macquarie Park

When they develop a sense of responsibility, it becomes easier for them to be accountable for their actions. 

Irresponsible children on the other hand grow into imprudent adults who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. In daycare centers, irresponsible children keep losing their toys and other belongings which can be costly for you as a parent.

While it is agreed that teaching responsibility is a vital role among parents, it is not always easy to execute. Our childcare experts shared a few tips with us that we feel would be of great help to you as you teach your child accountability.  They include: 

Stick To Routines And Structure

Children pick habits gradually if they do them repetitively. You can help them develop a sense of responsibility by creating easy routines to be followed in the house. 

A good example is switching off their lights after leaving a room then making them do it over and over again. Repetition with encouragement makes them tie the act of leaving a room with that of switching lights off. 

The same applies to clearing their toys off the floor after playing, brushing their teeth before going to bed and other activities that require them to be responsible. 

Lead By Example

Telling your child to be responsible doesn’t help when they cannot see it in you. Lead by example and they will follow suit. Remember children learn through imitation as well. 

If you need them to learn to take the garbage out, let them see you do it on several occasions. They will want to leave the kitchen clean if that is what you do. 

Being an irresponsible parent passes the same effect to them. If you leave all the cleaning to your house help, your child will do the same and are likely to practice the same habit while attending childcare in Macquarie Park. They will not take care of their belongings as they expect someone else to do it.

Tell Them The Importance

When toys are left all over the floor, they can cause falls, sometimes even serious injuries. But your child doesn’t know that. So, telling them to pick the toys after they finish playing will look like you are nagging. 

This is pretty much the case with every other act of responsibility you would like your child to take. Unless you give them reasons, your child will not understand why taking certain actions is important. 

If it is about keeping their belongings safe, tell them the risks involved if they don’t do that and they won’t have a hard time taking good care of their items. 

Do not tire reminding them why taking certain actions is important. Soon enough they will be doing what’s required without your reminder.

You can pick a few lessons from providers of childcare in Macquarie Park. Find out how they get children to be responsible through this technique. 

Assign Responsibility Gradually

Just like walking and talking, children take time to learn responsibility. For example, do not expect them to wake up one day and be responsible after you told them to clean up after themselves the night before. 

Sometimes they will forget. Other times they will prioritize their play and leave you to clean after them. 

Be patient and stick to the routines while reminding them the need to be accountable. With time, the good habits will stick and they can finally be held accountable. Instead of rushing them to do chores, liaise with their caregivers to teach them bits of responsibility during the day.

Introduce Consequences And Rewards

Motivation to do something comes in many ways but rewards top the list, for adults and kids alike. For your child to feel encouraged to help clear the table, consider rewarding them. You can praise them when they take the garbage out without being prompted. 

Likewise, discipline them when they act irresponsibly. Note that the reward and discipline system only works successfully if your child understands the roles you expect them to execute and the importance.

Armed with these tips, you have a better chance of raising a responsible adult. It is important to note that children learn in different paces. You shouldn’t despair or punish your child if it takes them a bit longer to be accountable. Instead, work with a pediatric or their childcare provider to find out how to best teach them. More importantly, get them the best childcare Macquarie Park. Make sure they are being taken care of by great caregivers in daycare facilities that support their optimum growth and development.

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