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Creative Ways To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of Childcare At A Child Care In North Ryde

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Seasoned parents will tell you that children settle faster in childcare in North Ryde if they are better prepared. Joining it unprepared makes it difficult for them to adapt and will affect their learning and how they relate with others for the rest of their lives. 

That aside, the transition to childcare will not be easy for both you and your child.  Leaving your child with a ‘stranger’ for an entire day will take a while for you to adjust to. For children, dealing with a new environment, structured programs and new people can be a lot to process. 

The solution to dealing with all this is preparation. The tips below will help your child to have an easier time adjusting to child care right from the first day. 

Start Early

Children are naturally slow to adapt to new things and a rushed entry to childcare will disorient them. It is important that you introduce the concept of joining childcare in North Ryde early to them for mental preparedness. 

Involve them in shopping for things they will use when the time comes. Get all their necessities early enough as lack of adequate learning tools in childcare makes your child lag behind their mates. Also, have them help you label their items in advance to avoid loss and confusion when they enrol.

Take Prior Visits With Them

Children often feel lost when they are in a totally new environment. This slows down their settling process and in some cases, they end up hating the experience long after their first day. 

To avoid putting your child through this, take them to the facility way before the big day. Centres that offer the best childcare in North Ryde have compassionate caregivers who are willing to take your child through the centre and introduce them to facilities they will use when they finally join. 

Such visits break the ice and leave your child anticipating.

Create A Rapport With The Childcare Provider

Children adapt to new environments and people differently. Some are quick to absorb what is around them and dive right in the daycare activities. Others remain aloof for a while. It becomes harder for the latter to settle fast if they continue viewing everyone around them as strangers. 

You can work this out by creating a good rapport with caregivers. Your child feels comfortable around them if they perceive them as your friends. Working closely with them also ensures you get firsthand information about your child’s progress. This way, you can make improvements and adjustments where need be to help your child settle in faster.

Tell Your Child What To Expect

In an effort to get their child to warm up to childcare, many parents overhype the whole thing. While talking excitedly about childcare to your child builds their eagerness to join, they crash badly if your words do not meet their expectations. 

For good preparation, check out what your preferred provider of childcare in North Ryde offers in advance. See the activities, learning methods and even meal plan to avoid building false hopes in our child. It is important to mention to them the structure they will need to follow and their importance. 

Remember to let them know they will be accountable for their actions and will be expected to team up with their mates for fun learning.

Build A Routine Around Childcare

Before childcare, children follow a specific routine and can nap or snack whenever they feel like. The routine in childcare catches them off guard and they may dislike the experiences from day one. 

Solve this by finding out how your chosen childcare provider works and borrow routines from them. Check their reporting time, meal times, nap time and pickups. Assimilate them in your home routines and gradually introduce your child to waking up on time and having their meals like those of your preferred childcare centre. 

Facilities that provide the best childcare in North Ryde will not hesitate to provide you with such information to ensure your child is fully prepared when their day comes.

With these tips, your child will be better prepared for their first day in childcare in North Ryde. If you are still doubtful, work with a childcare provider in advance. Our caregivers at Kids Planet Academy can help you make you a smooth transition. They will gradually get your child ready for enrollment.


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