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Creative And Effective Ways Of Disciplining Your Child By The Best Child Care Macquarie Park

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

ChildCare Macquarie Park

Sometimes your child will exhibit unrestrained or improper actions like being fussy, throwing tantrums or becoming aggressive. When these bad habits are left to thrive, the child eventually develops a bad personality which follows them throughout their life. 

That is why you need to learn creative and effective ways to discipline your child. Get them the best childcare in Macquarie Park too as it plays a role in shaping their behaviour.

Discipline isn’t punishment; it’s a way to teach children how to behave by setting limits and consequences and encouraging good behaviour. 

More often we see parents torn between letting their children escape with one mischief and administering discipline. Others resort to spanking, which is not an effective way to discipline a child. 

Our childcare experts show you effective and creative ways of disciplining your child. Read on to familiarise yourself with them as they will help you raise a well-behaved child.

Ignore Mild Behaviour

Children will sometimes get fussy in an attempt to get your attention. They will nag and push until you submit to their protests, which is what they want. 

But giving in to this thirst for attention often makes things worse. Your child will develop a habit out of it, whining whenever they need your attention. The best way to handle this kind of behaviour is by turning a blind eye. 

You can ignore their protests or excuses to get your attention for a while. They will see it doesn’t bother you and so they will move on. 

To complement this, give them attention when they act nicely or are polite. This instils the notion that they can have you without the drama.

Be Consistent

When you set rules in your house, your child is only going to follow them if you are consistent. Do not warn them or discipline them for one thing today then do it yourself tomorrow. It confuses them when they can’t tell if you expect them to do right only at certain times. 

Make sure your child knows what you are against and take action whenever they break the rules. Just like with other life lessons, repeated discipline keeps your child on their toes and teaches them areas that are out of bond at all times.

Consider involving them in the rule-making process so that they can clearly understand these rules are meant to achieve. 

Even providers of childcare in Macquarie Park have rules that your child has to follow while at the facility. These rules are usually instrumental in instilling discipline in your child. 

Avoid Delayed Punishments 

Regardless of the discipline method you choose, it will only work if you do it right after your child has made a mistake. At this moment, it’s easy for them to make a clear connection between their actions and the consequences.

Procrastinating delays the lesson. When you discipline them later, they may not even be sure of what they did wrong. 

For example, if your little one is unreasonably stubborn or throwing tantrums when you are out shopping, do not wait to get home and reprimand them for it. Discipline them immediately so that they can learn how to make a better choice in future. 

Be A Parent First, Then Buddy

Being a parent and friend to your child is like walking a tightrope. You can be both but first set some boundaries. Make sure your child has a good understanding of these boundaries and the consequences of not staying within them. 

If your child thinks you are buddies before you are their parent, they won’t listen much to you. Every boundary you set thereafter will be met with objection. 

So, in your relationship with them, maintain your parental status. Be the friend but let also let them look up to you for guidance. 

Teach Consequences

Your child may be doing the wrong thing because they do not understand the repercussions that are tied to their actions. For example, they could be leaving their toys scattered all over because they are not aware that doing so can cause accidents. 

So, clearly explain the reason for wanting them to take specific actions. Make them see both the good and bad sides. 

Here’s a great example., When your child is reluctant to put on their jacket while going out, explain what will happen to them if they don’t wear it. Also, let them know the benefits of wearing a jacket in the cold. 

Repeat this for every other behaviour. Eventually, your child will learn to think before making any demands or committing certain actions.

As you play your part, remember to only get your child the best childcare in Macquarie Park. Great caregivers know and understand how to best discipline a child. Their efforts will complement yours and help in positively shaping your child’s behaviour.


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