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How To Survive Holiday Breaks With Your Young Kids

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Young Kids Enjoying Holiday on beach

Are you planning to take a break from work but have no idea what to do with your little ones during this time? Your worries are valid. So many parents with children who attend our childcare in North Ryde have stories of the tough times they had during such breaks.

While you may have chosen the most relaxing places: a beach you have always wanted to visit, a tour around the world or even camping with your family, taking your child out of their comfort zone may ruin the vacation for everyone and mostly for you.

You might have to deal with a cranky toddler, demands at any time of the day and night, mood swings effected by climate change, just to name a few.

However, we have got your back. We share what you can do to enjoy your holiday break regardless of your child’s age. Read on to learn.

Think Of Your Child When Choosing Your Destination

As you plan for your trip or vacation, put your child into consideration. Think of the time it takes to get to your destination and if their age allows you to travel that kind of distance with them.

Long flights or cruises might be fun for you, for example, but will irritate your child, leaving them uncomfortable for a better part of your journey.

Still, on destinations, check out the weather at the particular time you wish to visit. Extreme dryness or rains will keep your child from playing or having fun and they will definitely drag you into boredom.

Pack All Their Necessities

It is understandable that you are excited about this break, given the hard work you put at work. It is also understandable that you are eager to pack all your holiday items and leave as soon as possible.

However, your child’s necessities should come first when packing. From clothing (for both hot and cool weather) to toys, snacks, medication and other baby stuff. Ensure you bring everything your child needs for the duration you wish to be away.

You do not want your child wailing for their comfort when you are barely miles away from home.

As for medication, you might need to consult your pediatrician and discuss what you should take with you in regards to the destination.

Don’t Forget The Board Games

You can get your well-deserved break and still bond with your child. Board games like scrabble, chess, and puzzles, monopoly, trivial pursuit, checkers, among others, help you relax and create memories.

To enjoy a place they have never been before, play your ideal board game at home and make your child familiar with the moves. This way, they won’t feel so disoriented when you pull the board out during the holiday break.

If they are familiar with quite a few, involve them by asking them to choose which of the available games they want you to bring along.

Singing And Dancing

Did you know that music boosts growth and development in young children? Even those who offer the best childcare in North Ryde have music in their learning programs.

Promote your child’s growth by singing and dancing with them during your vacation. You can choose common songs or those they were taught during childcare.

Alternatively, carry with you karaoke for kids and sing along with them in the evenings. There is no limit to what you can do with song and dance. You can even spice it up by trying to compete in coming up with rhymes and dance styles.

Invest In Fitness

Most of us hardly get time for personal care during workdays. You have to juggle between work and taking care of your little one and can only afford a few minutes to do the much-needed workouts.

During your break, you can shed all the extra weight and promote your physical health. Look up various exercises suitable for both adults and kids before you take your break and practice them when you eventually get the time.

Not only will you spend quality time with your child; you will also teach them the value of keeping fit. You can do walks and runs around the place you are staying or even indulge in indoors yoga, depending on your child’s age and your preference.

Holidays can be fun, even with young children. All you need to do is thorough research about your intended destination with your child in mind. You do not have to hide from them to get the much-needed break, instead, follow the tips discussed above and make great memories. You can talk to your childcare provider or any other best childcare in North Ryde for more ideas on what to do with your child during a holiday break.

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