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The Top 5 Halloween Activities To Carry Out With Your Child By The Best Childcare In North Ryde

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Halloween Activities

Halloween is just around the corner and children are so excited about it. To make it more fun and exciting for them, you will have to come up with kids’ Halloween ideas that go beyond the costumes and candies. Actually, you need to come up with fun activities that will involve you and your child.

To make this easy for you,  here are some great ideas from the best childcare in North Ryde. Our caregivers shared with us a few activities you might want to try out with your child. They include:

Splatter Paint On A Pumpkin

Providers of childcare in North Ryde incorporate painting in their learning activities and children love it. They get messy coming up with designs of all manner and colour. 

During this Halloween season, you can take your child’s painting skills a notch higher with a real or fake pumpkin.  

Start with a complete coat of solid colour then show them how they can spatter some paint mixture on it with a craft brush. The colourful outcome will fascinate them. 

You can allow them to have different creations and show them where to place them after they get dry. It’s a great way to enhance their fine motor skills, engage them and get your Halloween décor in the process. 

You can do this on candy bags when pumpkins are not an option.

Read A Halloween Book

Don’t worry if your child is still very young to do all the crafts; there is something for everyone. Since they are used to having stories read to them while attending child care North Ryde, they have probably grasped the idea of relating the stories to real events. 

There are many age-appropriate Halloween books in various stores in North Ryde.

Read these stories to them during this season. Get them to know what Halloween is all about and the activities that take place. 

For preschool kids, these books will enhance their imagination and improve their language skills.  They will ask questions and answer some which will, in turn, promote their communication skills.

Create A Glitter Stem Pumpkin

Still on pumpkins, you can decide to work with glitters. After painting them with a solid colour, let your child go wild with glitters. They can use many colours or stick to one. 

To create uniqueness with glitters, they can draw patterns and shapes on the pumpkin’s surface. You can also help them to brush the stem with kid-friendly glue then to pour the craft glitters evenly on it. 

The more pumpkins you have the better as you will end up with enough for the whole house and your child will love helping.

Making Lollipop Ghosts And Ghost Garland

Your little one will love this if they are into scary, creepy, spooky and mysterious Halloween themes. All you need are pieces of white cloth, coffee filters or white serviettes, lollipops or golf balls or any other similar object, googly eyes and a black ribbon to tie. 

Help your child make the first lot by wrapping the white piece of cloth over the lollipop head and securing it with the ribbon. Finish the ghost off by adding googly eyes on the head. Tie many ghosts together for décor and bond with your child while at it. 

A ghost garland is a good way to decorate their room. You can stick them on the walls or let them dangle on surfaces.

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Halloween is the only time of the year you get to play with pumpkins so why not throw in a pumpkin theme board game? With green tape and pumpkin stickers, you will be good to go. 

Make a few rectangles on the floor with the tape and place the pumpkin stickers. If your child is older, try with mini pumpkins for more fun. You can paint the Xs and Os on different pumpkins for more adventure. 

Since your child already learnt the tic-tac-toe game in childcare, it will be easy for them to hop in with you.

These projects are fun and creative. Your little ones will have a memorable Halloween once you let them come up with their own creations. If your child is not willing to take any of the above mentioned, talk to their caregiver or consult any best childcare in North Ryde for more ideas. Do this before October 31 to equip yourself with ways to make your child have fun learning moments when the day comes.


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