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5 Activities You MUST Get Your Child Involved In This Summer

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Summer creates a great time for bonding and learning. Your child will make memories at this time that will be with them even as they age. That is why it is vital for you to have selected activities for them to enjoy. You could speak to their caregiver or any other trusted provider of childcare in Top Ryde for ideas. To get you started, we discuss valuable activities that your child can gain a lot from during summer. These are not only for passing time but to also arm your child with important skills. They include but are not limited to:

Art Work

Drawing, painting, crafting and other art projects will keep your child occupied for hours. These activities are so important in child development that even centres that provide the best child care in North Ryde incorporate them in their programs.

Through drawing and painting, your child exercises their brain as they try to transfer their imagination on paper. Crafting even the simplest things also incites creativity which is good for the brain. That aside, the use of art tools like pencils and paintbrushes is good for coordination and motor skills.

Also, choosing what colour to use for a painting or what tool to use when crafting a piece gives your child the firsthand experience of decision making which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Most of your child’s learning will be done in books. So getting them to read at an early age is necessary preparation.

Reading to your child at an early age sharpens their literacy skills while exercising their brain. They develop better communication since they can reinforce the basic sounds that form your language.

Age-appropriate books also enhance your child’s imagination as they connect to characters they read about. Even when you don’t have time to read out loud to your child, you can get them easy-to-read picture and lyrical books. These capture children’s attention and help them learn about their environment and beyond.

You can also try audiobooks that your child can listen to.

Outdoor Play

There are so many activities that your child can enjoy doing outdoors, including skipping, running, walking, bike riding and even water and sand play.

Anything done outside this summer promises your child a whole lot of benefits and here’s why:

  • Exposure to sunlight gives your child adequate Vitamin D needed for strong bones.

  • Running around doing little tasks such as skipping works on their muscle strength while giving them good balance.

  • Repeated play outside gives your child physical strength and keeps them fit and safe from illnesses like Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

After an afternoon spent outdoors, your child sleeps better which further promotes growth and development.

Board Games And Puzzles

Indoor games help if your child is too young to play outside or if you are working and cannot play with them. They keep them occupied for long while creating learning fun for them.

Picking and putting pieces together help with eye coordination and finger strength while making moves keeps your child’s brain active. Since these games require thinking, they equip your child with important skills such as critical thinking, sound decision making and problem-solving.

Even though you can supplement conventional games with those on smart devices, children specialists caution against too much screen time. If you do not have many games, try coming up with homemade ones or get ideas from where they attend childcare in Sydney. This way, your child can have more fun and learn responsibility.

Playing With Toys

When attending childcare in North Ryde, your child’s schedule may not allow much time to play with their toys. The great thing about summer is that it fills this gap.

During this time, your child has enough time to explore their little world by playing with all these toys they have stored away. Why toys? You may ask.

Playing with toys gives your child physical dexterity, enhances their creativity, sharpens their motor skills and encourages their artistic development.

Your child learns basic math as well as science when they put all similar toys together, put small toys in bigger ones, count their toys…the list of things to do with toys is endless. The most important thing here is to buy appropriate toy sizes and keep disinfecting them to avoid incidents like stomach bugs.

Summer remains memorable for a long time in childhood memories. You have a chance to make it the best one for them by giving them adequate activities to engage in. If the above activities do not work for you, work with your caregiver or those who provide the best childcare in North Ryde to get suggestions that best fit your child.

Enjoy your summer and help your child make memories!


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