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5 Tips To Keep Your Child Busy After Returning From Childcare

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Child learning at home

Evenings could easily turn into little nightmares, especially if you have been away at work all day and have a little child to tend to. There are meals to be prepared, shower to be taken, laundry to be stored, among other routine things.

Your child also needs your attention to help them wind down after attending childcare in North Ryde.

That is why you need to have a list of activities you can engage them in. These will not only help them wind down easily but also leave you with ample time to tend to other activities. Below are some tips to keep your child busy after a day in childcare.

Play A Game With Them

Your child might feel uncomfortable if you stare at them and inquire about their day. This could make them hold back information. You have to create a calm environment where they will feel easy and warm up to you.

There are numerous games you can play with your child and eventually end up sharing with such moments. Board games and puzzles are perfect examples.

After a long day away from each other, a game played in the quiet of your home helps the both of you unwind while you get to know your child’s perspective towards their childcare in North Ryde.

Regularly playing these games also develops your child’s intellect, arming them with vital skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

Set Aside Some Singing Time

Music is underrated when it comes to good growth and development. Other than helping with literacy skills, music boosts your child’s language development and helps the mind and body work together.

You can help your child unwind while you bond over singing. Look for songs they enjoy and listen to them together. You can make this more fun by letting them sing to you the new songs they learn while attending childcare in North Ryde as you teach them those from your childhood.

If this is not possible, source for children karaoke records and learn together. This will not only promote their cognitive skills but also boosts their memory, allowing them to be fast learners.

Let Them Paint

Painting allows your child to express their emotions and practice their imagination, creating an effective way to relax. This is why providers of childcare in North Ryde include it in their learning programs.

Once your child is settled at home, encourage them to try out different painting techniques. They can start with basic objects like distinguishing between shapes and colours before progressing to other creative items.

You do not have to worry about the mess associated with painting if you go for water-based paints. This is easy to wipe off surfaces and does not limit your child.

Talk About Their Day

It is not unusual for children to bring home unresolved problems from childcare. It could be an argument they had with a playmate, a frustration from getting beaten at a game or even a lesson they did not understand.

If these issues are bottled, your child will gradually dislike attending childcare. This might even contribute to behavioral troubles


Talking to your child after child care helps them to properly deal with these issues and prepare well for the next day.

You can get them talking by telling them about your day at work so they can understand the normalcy of winning and losing.

Allow Them To Help

Little kids love mimicking adults. They want to hold their spoon the way they see you do it, to wear your clothes or to even work as you do. This is natural and should be encouraged positively as it teaches your child to be responsible.

Even though they are still too young to complete house chores by themselves, you should encourage your child to help you do some.

Bond with them over meal preparation. Let them choose ingredients and chop where necessary. They will also feel responsible if you let them feed the pet or even take the trash out.

Just ensure you supervise them as they may be unaware of little dangers like scratches and cuts.

Children are different and learn at varying rates. Do not rush your child to engage in an activity they do not like. Instead, find out their interests and look for suitable activities related to them. If you are still unsure of what to do to keep your child busy, talk to their caregiver or any best childcare in North Ryde for more ideas.


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