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Understanding The True Childcare Cost Per Day In Australia

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Childcare Cost Per Day In Australia

Not many of us are aware of the true childcare cost per day in Australia. We assume that what we pay for childcare is the best and right rate. But as you will find out shortly, you could be wrong.

Not paying attention to things such as location, the child’s age, services offered, among factors often sees many parents pay higher than they should. You will be happy to know that there are simple steps you can take to avoid such instances.

In this article, we point out the several factors that will determine how much you pay for childcare. Let's take a closer look.


Childcare cost per day in Australia varies from state to state. According to recent reports, ACT has the highest average cost per week at $560, followed by NSW, NT, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. Western Australia closes the list with the lowest rate - $475.

In places close to major cities or where the cost of living is high, the charges for childcare will also be high compared to other areas offering the same services.

Services Determine Childcare Cost Per Day In Australia

You will have the option to decide what childcare services you want from your provider. Some centres offer other services beyond normal childcare, each priced differently. Examples include transport, mealtimes, evening and weekend daycare, just to name a few.

Some centres with modern learning facilities and play items also charge higher. All these services will influence your total childcare cost per day in Australia.


Childcare cost per day in Australia is also determined by the age of your child. It is obvious that when your child is younger, they require more attention and constant care than older kids. Such needs include preparing meals, feeding them as well as cleaning them and nappy change.

Even though these needs decrease as your child grows older, you will spend more if you have a toddler.

Number Of Children

The number of children you have that need care also determines your childcare cost per day in Australia. It goes without saying that the more children you bring on board, the higher the fee will be. Caregivers will have to care for each child separately because their needs may not be the same.

Here’s the good news. Some childcare centres will offer a subsidized fee if you have more than one kid at their centre. You can take advantage of such offers to cut down your childcare expenses.

Duration Of Operation

When and how long you want your child at the daycare will affect your childcare cost per day in Australia. Basically, the number of hours and days they spend under the care of educators influences how much you will pay.

Some daycares charge higher during holidays compared to the regular days. Of course, the rates vary from centre to centre.

Therefore, it is important to find out the charges for each potential childcare candidate and settle for the most suitable for you.

Caregiver Experience Influences Childcare Cost Per Day In Australia

Many of us want our children to get the best early childhood experiences. But what most of us don’t understand is that this comes with a higher price tag.

Childcare centres Australia that hire the most well-trained and experienced caregivers will definitely charge higher. Here’s why.

More experienced and qualified caregivers will ask for higher pay, partly because they are in high demand. What’s great about such caregivers is that they will give your child the best care and attention. This will enhance their growth and equip them with relevant skills. From reading and writing to confidence and enhancing their social and motor skills.

Even though you might pay higher to experience such care, the gains your child will make the cost worth it.


The number of activities your child engages in will also determine the childcare cost per day in Australia. Do you want your child to engage in more play activities? Then expect to pay more

Some childcare centres incorporate complex and modern play and learning activities in their programs. Others offer just the basics. Obviously, you will have to pay more to experience the former.

In summary, understand that child care cost per day in Australia is influenced by many factors. You will have to put each of them into consideration in your search. This will help you narrow down to a childcare centre that meets your needs.

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