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How Do I Know I’ve Found The Best Lane Cove Childcare?

Lane Cove Childcare

Knowing how convincing Lane Cove child care providers can be, it is easy to find yourself falling for the first option you come across. Especially if you have no idea how to tell the best childcare from the bad ones.

Obviously, you will have lots of information to sort through, making your search even more confusing. To make the process easier, we narrowed down to the key aspects you should look out for. In our experience, these areas tell more about the suitability of a childcare facility for your child.

Take your time to evaluate each of them during your search. Doing so will help you find the best childcare for your child with ease. Take a look:

Top Lane Cove Childcare Providers Have Great Reviews And Ratings

Nearly every Lane Cove childcare centre has an online presence. From social media channels and websites to profiles on business review websites. Forums too are a great place to gather information about a child care facility.

In your search, never miss to check out all these places. Positive reviews and higher ratings are the hallmarks of a trusted child care centre. You will know you have found one if the feedback is consistent across all their online platforms.

Poor childcare services, on the other hand, will attract negative reviews and low ratings. In fact, never ignore the negative warnings from other parents, your colleagues or friends.

You can as well ask the childcare provider to give you a list of their clients for references. Ask for their honest reviews about the centre’s childcare services.

A Supportive Environment

First impressions are everything. Do not take them lightly. Pay attention to how you feel when you walk into a Lane Cove childcare facility. If the environment makes you feel unsettled, then that’s not the right place for your child.

Here are some questions to keep in mind while assessing the environment:

  • Are the caregivers welcoming?

  • How do the caregivers interact with the kids?

  • Are the children being given the required attention and supervision?

  • Do the children look happy and engaged?

  • How about the centre’s environment? Is it clean and well maintained with plenty of space for child play?

You will know you have found great childcare for your child if you feel good about the environment. When you see other children happy then you can picture your child happily learning there as well.

Qualified And Compassionate Caregivers

From the administrators to the caregivers, everyone at a childcare facility shapes your child’s experience. Caregivers mostly will be with your child for the most part of the day. They become their second parents for the duration your child will be attending childcare.

You will know you have found the best Lane Cove childcare if the caregivers are well trained, experienced and passionate about taking care of children. Here are the questions to guide you:

  • Are the caregivers well trained in child growth and development?

  • Do they have sufficient experience and skills that allow them to give your child the best early childhood experiences?

  • Do they have any added skills such as first aid?.

Solid Safety Measures & Policies

Children are oblivious to the dangers around them. In fact, it is easy for them to harm themselves where proper safety measures have not been put in place. Childcare facilities are not an exception.

That is why all the great Lane Cove daycare providers go the extra mile to guarantee the safety of your child. Not only are their premises child-friendly but also safe and comfortable for children.

Furthermore, they have policies that promote the safety and well being of your child. Rarely will your child be exposed to danger or be at risk in such facilities.

On top of that, they are under close supervision. This is achieved by observing the required caregiver to child ratio.

Comprehensive Learning Programs

There’s no one-size-fits-all program that can cater to the needs of every child. Top Lane Cove childcare centres know this and have developed different learning programs to match the various needs of children.

Before you settle on a childcare provider, this is one of the things you will want to find out. Do they offer age-appropriate learning? Do they have a variety of learning programs and activities? You can as well ask them to know if they provide comprehensive child care programs.


Not all childcare providers are required to have a license. But if you are looking for a daycare centre, this should definitely be on your checklist.

For a daycare to be allowed to operate, first it has to be licensed. And before the license is issued, state authorities will check to see if the centre satisfies the required standards. You can therefore count on a licensed childcare facility to offer good childcare services and be accountable for their actions.

To conclude, understand that you can only tell the best Lane Cove childcare if you are armed with the right information. You could use all the qualities we have discussed as a checklist. They will guide you in knowing whether you have found the most suitable child care facility for your child. Go ahead and pay a visit to the centre to learn more.

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