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Benefits Of Sand And Water Play For Toddlers

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Sand and water play by child

Have you ever looked at your child after they come home from childcare in Macquarie Park and asked yourself whether the mess is really worth it? First off, understand that you are not alone. Nearly every parent has to deal with dirty and messy children after a day in daycare.

As much as this might get to your nerves, it is not a bad thing. Playing outside with sand and water significantly contributes to your child’s growth. Child care providers actually incorporate sand and water play in their programs because they understand the benefits that come with it.

Herein, we discuss how sand and water play benefits your toddler.

Better Motor Skills

Many things we do on a regular basis depend on how good one’s motor skills are. Picking up a pen to write, brushing your teeth, holding things in your hands and tying your shoelaces are just some of the activities that require basic motor skills.

Playing in sand and water allows your child to flex their motor skills giving them better muscle movement. Starting at an early age increases your child’s chances of having a good grip since the muscles in their hands, wrists, fingers, feet and toes are all exercised.

Combined with other activities they might participate in as they attend childcare in Macquarie Park, the outcome can only be great.

Heightened Creativity

There is absolutely no limit to what your toddler can do with sand. They may choose to scoop and move it to a different container, mix it with water to see what it forms or even try to mold shapes out of it.

As messy as this sounds to you, it triggers a toddler’s creativity. Just like with fingers and arms, playing with sand and water stretches your baby’s brain allowing them to understand concepts like shapes, sizes and even sand textures.

Understanding Basic Math

School going children are often taken aback by the complexity of learning during their first days in school. Programs and schedules are different from what they are used to at home but it is the education itself that takes it all.

Lessons such as calculations may look like rocket science to them especially if the child has no prior experience with such areas.

You can however save them from this by letting them engage in sand and water play. Make sure your provider of childcare in Macquarie Park exposes them to the same activity as well.

By emptying containers into each other, your child learns the basic math and science behind mixing, filling and pouring among others.

Cognitive Growth

Vital skills like creative thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking work best when acquired early. Our educators and caregivers are aware of that which is why they encourage your child to participate in activities that promote such skills.

Playing with sand and water compels your child to make ‘important’ decisions like what container comes first in terms of sizes. At our center, we have many coloured containers which further makes your child want to arrange those that are alike together and vice versa.

Physical Fitness

Lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity pose a risk to your child’s health and well-being. One way to protect them from such conditions is to keep them physically healthy.

At Kids Planet Academy, we encourage each child to take part in the sand and water play since it promotes stronger bones, muscle coordination and even balance. Continuous play exposes them to adequate sun which promotes more intake of Vitamin C and in the long run, enough calcium for healthy bones.

Social Development

Daycare centres create a better opportunity for social development. Children who interact with their peers as toddlers develop good communication skills and are able to express themselves better.

Sand and water play is among the games where a child has the chance to mingle with other kids. Alongside their mates, your child learns to take turns, to let go when others need to play and to even participate in teams to accomplish tasks like filling one large container.

In summary, sand and water play plays a huge role in arming your child with important skills they will use later as adults. Even though they could do this at home, the play is more fun when they are attending childcare in Macquarie Park because they get to play with fellow kids and sometimes their caregivers. That is why you should get your child the best childcare in North Ryde. Have them spend their days in an environment that encourages play and other fun activities.

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