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Common Questions Parents Have About A Childcare Center

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Nearly every parent who has sought Childcare Macquarie Park admits that it can get challenging finding the right provider. Asking questions is a step many take as it helps them gather information that is useful in decision making.  

After all, none of us wants to watch their kid suffer or hate childcare because we chose the wrong facility for them. 

By asking the right questions, you will be able to evaluate a facility and decide if it is right for your child. 

At Kids Planet Academy, we encourage this too. You are welcome to ask any question about our childcare services. 

Below, we take a look at some of the common questions parents ask: 

Is The Childcare Centre Licensed? 

Before being allowed to operate, a childcare centre has to be approved by the National Quality Framework (NQF). And for that to happen, they have to meet specific requirements which mostly apply to child comfort and safety. 

Sometimes you will come across accredited providers of childcare in North Ryde. Such a badge means they have gone beyond the minimum requirements and put in place extra facilities and measures. They have simply exceeded expectations in delivering quality childcare. 

If you come across a child care centre operating without a license, walk away. Your child will never be safe in such a facility. 

What Age Brackets Do They Accept? 

Some childcare centres attend to a specific age group. Others have different learning programs for different age groups. 

It is important to ask what age a childcare facility accepts just to be sure that you are leaving your child in a place where they will receive the right care.  

Putting your child through the wrong program could ruin their learning processes.

What Activities Do They Have? 

Children need to be exposed to different activities that serve unique purposes. Part of their growth and development heavily relies on them.

In your search, you will realise that those that do provide the best childcare in Macquarie Park mostly have a variety of activities and programs for different age groups. From indoor games and music lessons to excursions and other outdoor activities.  

Before making a choice, you need to understand what role the activities offered by a childcare play in a child's growth and development.  

Are They Affordable? 

The cost of childcare in Top Ryde varies based on a couple of factors. Things such as a child’s age, services and activities offered and location of the facility all affect the amount you will pay. 

Before you begin your search, first understand all the factors that affect childcare costs. When armed with such information, you will be able to tell if charges are worth it or the services are overpriced.  

To save on time, only do this when you have established that the centre provides the best child care in North Ryde. 

What Are The Qualifications Of Their Caregivers? 

None of us would risk leaving their child in the hands of a caregiver or educator who is not well trained and great at what they do. 

Qualifications here mean they know more than the basics of childcare and fully understand the ABCs of growth and development. 

Other than education, skill and experience play a big part in qualifying caregivers. 

Those with a long history of providing child care are in a better position to deal with different children's needs. Compassion and the will to engage young minds also makes the best caregivers. 

Therefore, you need to ask the state of caregivers to know if their children will get the best attention. 

Do They Have Health & Safety Measures? 

Naturally, children are not aware of the possible dangers in their environment. This calls for proper safety measures in a childcare centre if minor accidents are to be avoided. 

Other than having enough caregivers to monitor children, the centre needs to have child-friendly facilities. 

Proper lighting, installation of handrails, disinfecting of play items are just some of the safety precautions you should watch out for. 

In order to know that your child will be safe, visit these facilities beforehand. You may also call ahead to directly ask how the management ensures maximum health and safety for all children at all times. 

What Are Their Policies? 

All great providers of childcare in Macquarie Park are governed by policies that promote child safety and comfort.

If a center has no policies, that leaves so much room for mistakes that affect the safety and wellbeing of your child. 

Find out how the childcare provider handles sick children. Do they have a nurse on duty within their premises or do they send for the parent when a child falls ill? During pickup, do they have a set process that identifies anyone who leaves with a child or can anyone just walk out with a child? 

Asking the above questions reveals more about a childcare provider. Use them as a checklist when shopping for childcare in North Ryde. They will lead you to the best childcare centre. You can place a call or do random visits to get the details.

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