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CoronaVirus Protection Plan update

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

CoronaVirus Update
Covid-19 Procetion Plan

As confirmed cases of Corona Virus has risen recently with a couple at Macquarie Park area, for the health and safety of our children, parents and staffs, KPA is escalating up our protection plan and seeking every families understanding and to cooperate with the following protocols:

1. Prevention at the door – temperature check and hand sanitize

All families and visitors are required to have their temperature tested at the entrance and also sanitize their hand before entry.

Body temperature above 37.8 degrees will be asked to see a doctor and present a medical clearance before return to the center.

2. Symptoms occurs in the center

Any child or staff with symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath will be send home and required a doctor clearance before return to the center. We aim to minimize any inconvenience this could cause and would like to urge all families to take extra caution on any early symptoms of cold and flu, stay warm and wash hands regularly.

3. Self Quarantine

We would recommend all families to postpone their international travel plans and avoid crowded areas.  If any person living with your family who has recently return from China/Korea/Japan/Italia/Iran, we ask your cooperation to inform the center management and stay home for self-quarantine with them 14 days before returning to the center. We will be covering your childcare fee at 100% during this period up to 2 weeks.

4. Report any overseas visit

Parents will need to be reporting to us if they have any recent overseas visit.

5. Sanitation in the center

All rooms will be sanitized every day to ensure the highest standard of hygiene.

We wish a healthy life to every child and family and thank you in advance for the effort to work with us in building the best and safest center throughout this special period.

KPA Team will review the conditions and revise the protocols every fortnight, your thoughts and feedback are more than welcome to

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