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Immunity Boosters For Kids In Care

At a young age, children are more prone to infections. This is due to their developing immunity which leaves them more vulnerable to attacks. While at home, your baby may not be exposed to many health issues and their immunity is almost intact. However, enrolling them in child care in North Ryde exposes them to conditions like flu, colds and other childhood illnesses. 

But this shouldn’t worry you because their immunity can be boosted to fight the disease-causing elements. Fortunately, this doesn’t require you to spend more or lose time since they are all easy to-dos. As you’ll be playing your part, the daycare facility they attend will also be doing their best to make sure your little one stays healthy and is safe from any childhood illness. 

Good And Balanced Diet

Apart from filling your child up and helping them grow, did you know your child’s diet can boost their immunity? For example, serving more phytonutrients in your child’s plate benefits white blood cells production. 

Enough white blood cells fight against infections before they become fatal. Phytonutrients are found in foods like tomatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, berries, citric fruits and melons. Introduce these vital foods in your child’s meals more regularly for a bubbly immune system. 

If they attend child care in North Ryde, check out the facility’s meal plans and nutrition policy to find out if they provide a good and balanced diet. 

Adequate Sleep

Allowing your baby to sleep their full cycle is important to their health in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Adequate sleep clears your baby’s body of waste, toxins and disease-causing microorganisms, leaving them healthier. It also reduces stress on their brain hence enabling your baby’s body to function fully, including in fighting infections. 

Letting your baby sleep also boosts health bacteria that help them digest food well hence improving their absorption and ultimately their immunity. This is why top providers of childcare in Lindfield and other suburbs set nap areas where children can have enough sleep after play or other activities. 


You read that right. Physical exercise is important for your child. Not because they are watching their weight but for a strengthened immune system. Physical exercise promotes good circulation in your baby’s body. This circulation promotes fighting off diseases since white cells are well spread. 

To achieve immunity through physical activity, encourage your child to play with others, including while attending child care in Chatswood. Daycare facilities make sure this is possible by setting aside play areas and having caregivers teach your child more fun and helpful play activities. 

Reduce Processed Foods

There are times when you are pressed to overlook cooking and toss some processed foods in the microwave for your child. It happens to every other parent now and then. 

However, feeding them too much processed food can be harmful. Such a move can help to damage to your baby’s health. They might end up reporting more flu and colds than usual. 

Foods such as savoury snacks and tinned foods produce the wrong bacteria and yeast in your baby’s body. The result is a weakened immune system. When packing a snack for your baby to carry to their childcare centre, ensure it is fresh to eliminate bad bacteria.

Top childcare providers on their part limit their meals to fresh foods that are nutritious and recommended for kids. 

Hand Washing

Did you know that most childhood illnesses can be prevented by regular handwashing? Constant exposure to infection-causing germs lowers your child’s immunity. It is important to teach them the need to keep washing their hands, whether they are about to have a meal or not. 

Nearly every great facility that provides child care in Macquarie Park has handwashing stations for this purpose. Infection-causing germs can be anywhere, including in their playgrounds, hence handwashing should be a habit for your child.

Healthy Fats And Oils

Constant inflammation may expose your child to other diseases by making their immune system more vulnerable. This could be tragic, especially if they attend child care as this is where they are exposed to all manner of illnesses. 

To prevent this, make sure they have enough amounts of healthy fats and oils by giving them omega-3 rich foods or supplements. For foods, a diet comprising of salmon, avocados, nuts and seeds has a good supply of anti-inflammation content that could be helpful to them. 

Less Sugar

This one is tough to implement since your child might love all things sugar. But before you give in to their sugary needs, it is important to understand how sugar suppresses your baby’s immunity. 

Too much sugar attacks healthy bacteria and reduces your child’s ability to ward off disease. The result? They’ll catch every illness that passes their way, especially when attending childcare. 

Instead of their favourite candy, substitute your child’s diet with juicy fruits which benefit their health.

That doesn’t sound hard to implement, right? Even better, you can boost your child’s immunity from the comfort of your home. After enforcing each of the above points, teach your child their importance. This is so that they can follow them even when they are not in your presence. Eventually, this will save you the constant worry that they might catch and bring home colds and flu home after attending childcare. 

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