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The Role Of An Educator At The Best Childcare In North Ryde

Good childcare in North Ryde is enabled by many factors. While it is important that you take your child to a childcare centre with great facilities, infrastructures and an excellent curriculum, never forget that educators play a significant role in your child’s growth and development.  

That is why top childcare centres in Sydney only hire highly qualified and experienced educators. We do the same at Kids Planet Academy because we understand the impact such educators can have on your child’s life. 

You might be wondering why your child needs such educators, especially if they are still young. Well, this article lets you in on the many roles they play in your child’s life.

Offer Keen Supervision

Ever noticed how easily children wander off? How about their oblivion when dealing with dangerous items? Since they still have less knowledge about their surroundings, children are at a high risk of accidents like falls, burns and even electrocution. 

This underlines the need for a round-the-clock supervision. Educators understand how to carry out this role effectively. They keep harmful substances away from children to eradicate possible accidents.

Generally, they watch each child placed under their care and monitor their movement until you can pick your child up

Act As A Communication Bridge

As a parent, you will need someone to fill you up with information about your child’s development when you are not around. Are they learning slowly? Do they have problems that require your action or a specialist’s attention? 

This is the role of every educator at the best childcare in North Ryde. Since they spend a lot of time with children, they are able to pick changes in behaviours, learning or even socialising and notify you. 

A good educator is the best connection you have to your child’s education. They tell you of oncoming important events, what to buy to improve your child’s learning and even changes in schedules and payment.


If you are wondering what your child has to learn when they are barely out of diapers, the answer is a lot. Your child’s brain develops most when they are below five. This is when they start processing information and understand their environment. 

Educators use this chance to instil valuable skills in your child. They teach them basic mathematics through age-appropriate play. 

By arranging them in teams, they teach them social skills, responsibility, and independence just to name a few. 

Educators from centres that provide the best childcare in North Ryde have a deeper understanding of early childhood education and will prepare your child efficiently for actual school.

They Are Good Listeners

Every child is unique. Some children settle fast in childcare while others will have a hard time adjusting. 

Frustration from not being able to catch up can dampen your child’s attitude toward childcare and this could affect who they grow up into. 

In your absence, your child will need someone to talk to for guidance. Even though they are with them for a few hours, educators are trained to offer a listening ear to your child for all challenges they face. They can thereafter offer solutions or reach out to you so you all can work on a lasting solution.

Coordinating Activities

A day in childcare comprises many activities. From when you drop your child to when you pick them up, your child needs to have learnt something new, had their meals, probably taken a nap and played with their age mates. 

Educators coordinate these activities for all children to avoid skipping or overindulgence. They know children with special needs and are careful to treat them compassionately. 

In addition to that, they organise age-appropriate excursions for better learning and keep watch such that your child returns to you safely and knowledgeable.

To sum up, these are just some of the roles a qualified educator plays. They not only watch after your child but are also dedicated to giving your child new skills and helping them grow into responsible and dependable adults. To work with the best educators, enrol your child in the best childcare in North Ryde.


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