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Tips On How To Help Your Child Transition From Childcare To School By The Best Childcare North Ryde

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Tips On How To Help Your Child Transition From Childcare To School By The Best Childcare North Ryde

It’s always exciting to watch your child achieve a milestone as they grow. This feeling is equally shared by providers of childcare in North Ryde. However, some of these milestones come with challenges that are not easy to handle, especially to children themselves. 

A good example is when your child is transitioning from childcare to school. They have to move from an environment they had gotten used to a more sophisticated one, with new structures to adapt to and new faces to meet.

Just like when they joined childcare, you can also prepare them for the transition to school. In this article, we discuss what you can do to have a seamless and exciting transition to school for you and your little one. 

Visit The School Together

Find out the orientation dates so that you can spare enough time to prepare your children. Visit the school several times before the first day. This will help your child familiarise themselves with the environment and their educators before they start schooling. 

It’s a good idea that they know where they will be and what they will be doing. Help them know places such as the toilets, classrooms and play areas as the orientation day nears. 

Most providers of childcare in North Ryde have elaborate transition programs you can make use of during this time. If you have not settled for a school, they can give you the best options around that suit your child’s needs.

Prepare Your Child

Talking to your child about the big change that awaits them prepares them psychologically. Let them have an idea of the upcoming changes and what is expected of them. 

A relevant book is a good aid to help them relate. Remember to be positive and show excitement about the new school and the changes. While they attend childcare in North Ryde, educators will often talk about school activities that are fun, helping your child anticipate their next milestone. 

For better preparation, talk to their caregiver to find out what else interests your child. You can then use this information to help them accept the change easily.

Develop A Routine

Developing a consistent and predictable routine gets your child used to upcoming changes. You can start with morning routines such as brushing their teeth, having breakfast and getting ready for childcare. 

In the evening after daycare, have a routine that grows their various skills and also promotes a sense of responsibility. It could be gardening, art projects, cooking, just to name a few. First, have them help you in doing them then gradually teach them how to do the activities on their own.  

This way, they will get used to routines and being responsible. 

Also, find out the reporting and departure time of the new school and meal times then incorporate them gradually in your child’s daily schedule. When the time for joining school comes, they will be in sync, allowing a smooth transition.

Preview And Do A Count Down Together

Having a chart to count down the remaining days is a sure way of preventing meltdowns and change of behaviour. The idea of this big change gradually sinks into their minds as the days go by and your child even looks forward to the big day by crossing out every day that passes.  

You can add some visual cues on your countdown to make it more fun. Many centres that provide the best child care in North Ryde, for instance, give out stickers and some pictures to take home for noting down the remaining days. Work with your child’s caregivers to come up with child-friendly and creative countdown charts.

In summary, when you and your child prepare well for the transition to school, you will have an easier time adjusting to the new changes. All the tips we have discussed will be very useful during this time. For extra help, speak to your child’s caregiver or consult educators from centres that provide the best childcare in North Ryde. Since they have been doing this for years, there are plenty of useful lessons to pick from them.

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