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The Top 5 Books Your Child Should Have In Their Personal Library By The Best Childcare In Macquarie

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Books For Your Child By Childcare Centre In Macquarie


Reading plays an important role in a child’s growth and development. Whether they read on their own or listen to you read, the exercise improves their cognitive skills. That is why reading and listening are a core part of childcare in Macquarie Park.

By reading or listening to others read, children are able to get a better grasp of the world around them. Books also help them remember things better by boosting their memory span. Reading while in daycare allows them to interact with their friends which promotes social skills. 

Many parents understand the need for books but not many of us know the right books to get our children based on their age, interests and other factors. Well, we have solved this for you by discussing some of the recommendations shared by our childcare experts at Kids Planet Academy.

Somewhere In Australia By Marcello Pennacchio

Stories that your child can sing along to make reading more fun. Somewhere in Australia exposes your child to an exact experience. 

They learn about animals and their young ones and also how to count as they sing along to the words. Animals are categorised by their appearances, habitats and names while the book itself is written in classic rhymes to make the singing more enjoyable. 

Counting the animal’s young ones will have your child singing the numbers one to ten for a long time, which develops their early math skills. 

The beautiful illustrations as the story progresses will also keep your child glued, making them invested in the book. 

Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes -Mem Fox And Helen Oxenbury

Nothing creates excitement for little kids than seeing other little kids. Reading Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes gives them enough pages where they can see close up illustrations of babies from different parts of the world. 

The easy-to-say rhyme draws your child in so that they keep wanting to see the next page. 

This book is recommended for improving your child’s social skills. It spreads a message of equality, which is achieved throughout the book by showing your child how different and yet similar they are to each other. Many providers of childcare in Macquarie Park use it for a similar purpose. 

The Rainbow Serpent - Dick Roughsey 

As children start seeing and understanding the world around them, they become intrigued by nature. But unless you live in the countryside, your child may never get to experience the real natural environment   

Imagine an extremely interesting book about rivers, ridges, seas and mountains. Isn’t that a better way to introduce them to the rest of what nature offers?

The Rainbow Serpent tells the tale of Goorialla, a great Rainbow Serpent who created all these elements of nature. In search of his tribe, Goorialla moved across Australia and his huge body changed every spot he touched. 

As he dragged it along, it shaped the land into mountains, rivers, hills and lagoons. The colour used in illustration imitates the colour spectrum sometimes caused by sunlight hitting the water.

No One Likes A Fart – Zoë Foster Blake And Adam Nickel

Talk about farts evokes giggles, even among adults. No one likes farts and this is well seen in this amazing children's read. 

Written in a comical way, the book takes your child through the adventure of a fart who can't find friends. Your child will want to keep reading to find out if the poor little fart succeeds.

The colourful illustrations show different landscapes well as the fart approaches one friend after another.  Overall, this book is a must-have amongst children as it shows how friends are formed. 

Your child experiences rejection after witnessing fart get dismissed for being too stinky. 

Possum Magic- Mem Fox 

A perfect period for your children to learn about their culture is before they join school. This will help to explain the differences they are going to observe there. 

One way to do this is to take them through Australian foods to see if they can identify them. Possum Magic does it so well. 

The story of little Hush, a possum who lives with Grandma Poss, takes your child on a tour across Australia. They follow as Hush and grandma try out different people’s food in the hope that they can regain visibility. Grandma Poss is convinced that if they find the right human food, she will remember the magic trick which will turn them visible. 

As your child follows this adventure, they come across many traditional foods and get to know places from the attached feature- the map of Australia.

There are many other great books for your child beyond these five. You can lay the foundation to your child's library with the few have discussed. Once they have gone through them and developed better literacy skills, add some more. Speak to caregivers from centres that provide the best childcare in Macquarie Park for more suggestions.


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