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A Step By Step Guide To Toilet Training For Your Child By West Ryde Childcare

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West Ryde Childcare

Toilet training is one of the most critical stages of child development that you should strive to get right. It is no doubt a challenging task. Knowing when a child is ready for toilet training makes it all the more difficult for every parent, both new and old since not all kids are ready at the same age.

It is therefore important to observe your child for signs of readiness such as stopping an activity for a few seconds or clutching his or her diaper.

Toilet training can also be made easier if you have a reliable childcare provider. The best childcare in West Ryde normally has in place policies and guides for effective toilet training. That aside, caregivers tend to be way more skilled and experienced in toilet training as this is part of their daily job. They will even help you understand what to do and how to handle kids who are just starting toilet-training.

There’s also enough reliable information out there on how to toilet train. To start you off on this journey, we share a detailed step by step guide to toilet training your child as recommended by our childcare experts.

Step 1: Be On The Look-Out For Signs

It is easier to toilet train a child when they have exhibited signs that they are ready for it as opposed to you imposing it on them. The signs to be on the lookout for include when the child:

  • Begins to dislike nappies or diapers and even try to pull it down when it is soiled or come to you and tell you that the nappy is soiled

  • Begins to show interest when they see other people going to the toilet

  • Is able to follow simple instructions

  • Can go for more than an hour without soiling a diaper when awake

Step 2: Pick A Convenient Time

It is essential to pick a time when your child is relaxed, and the family has a regular routine for toilet-training.

If the child or the family is going through a difficult phase, it is important that you wait out. Also, if there are plans for the family to travel, maybe for vacation, road trips or just any major event, do not introduce the training yet.

Toilet training requires a regular routine and a relaxed environment for the child to adapt to it seamlessly. You can consult with West Ryde childhood centre for more tips on how to go about this.

Step 3: Maintain Consistency

In case your child attends West Ryde child care, it is very important for them to have a similar toilet training experience at home as well. So take some time to compare notes with the educators from the facility that your child attends.

Most childcare facilities have a chart or whiteboard which you can look at to see your child’s progress. It is also important to find out from the educators about your child’s toileting experiences at the end of each day.

Step 4: Choose The Correct Potty

Potties come in different sizes, colours, usability etc. Take into consideration the specific needs of your child so as to pick a suitable potty for them.

In case your child has no issue with the house bathroom and can reach the toilet, buy a potty seat and place it on top of the bowl to make the rim smaller. Make sure the height of the potty seat matches theirs and the rim size fits their bottom.

When shopping for a potty, it would be great to have your child accompany you so that they can sit down on each one to test it. This will also give them a sense of joy in choosing their own potty. This will also be a chance for them to choose the most interesting ones that they’ll enjoy using.

Step 5: Remember Hygiene

Teaching your child bathroom hygiene is just as important as teaching them how to use the toilet. This is one of the areas to also consider when shopping for childcare in West Ryde. You do not want your child growing up in a place that disregards bathroom hygiene.

Make the experience fun for them by buying and placing fun-shaped soaps strategically in the bathroom for them to use. You can get them their own hand towels to use after using the bathroom.

Step 6: Encourage Them Every Step Of The Way

Clap for your child any time they make an attempt to go to the toilet or use the potty. At regular intervals, ask your child if they need to pee or poop. This is how they get them used to the routine, plus they are encouraged to keep using the toilet.

Dressing them in clothes that are easy to remove whenever they want to use the potty is surprisingly encouraging. They will look forward to taking themselves to the loo as opposed to when they have clothes that are complex to unzip or unbutton.

While at it, remember that just like learning any other new skill, toilet training takes time and you should be patient with your child. Also, avoid comparing your child with his/her peers. Each child is different. Work and cooperate with caregivers or nannies taking care of your child during the day and the process will be much easier. You can also consult caregivers from any of the best West Ryde long day and child care for tips on how to go about this.