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5 Benefits Of Sand And Water Play In Child Care

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Sand and water play is among the few fun activities that no child should ever be denied the chance to experience. In centres that provide childcare in Macquarie Park, this play is part of their programs. It is understood to have a massive impact on children’s physical, mental and emotional development. 

Being out in the sun helps children appreciate their environment, cheers them up and helps them relax. The physical energy required for scooping and playing around with sand and water contributes to their physical wellness.

However, you might not appreciate the benefits fully if you do not understand them. This article highlights some vital benefits your child will get from this easy but rewarding activity. 


Kids need to love being creative if they are to have more accommodative brains in future. Through open play, your child can focus on the process of coming up with something new, trying out as many methods as humanly possible.


Providers of childcare in Top Ryde usually monitor children during this important role, helping them cope with their feelings when they come up with new ideas or when something they tried fails. In the process, your child’s brain stretches to create more ideas.

Physical Fitness  

For children, growth is an ongoing active process. Their bones and muscles need to be stronger. The energy used up during sand and water play strengthens and shapes their muscles. 

Scooping, emptying and carrying water and sand around improves their motor coordination, which will be vital throughout their lives. 

Lifting and carrying this sand and water around gives them good balance, which later plays part in their posture. 

Intellectual Growth 

Unlike classroom learning, sand and water play presents kids with a chance to work out solutions without solid right answers. This motivates them to come up with ways of completing tasks. Their ability to judge situations is heightened as they use what they have to create their small worlds. 

They start inventing ways to fit content in containers and learn to tell big containers from smaller ones. Soon, you'll notice them tell things apart in terms of colours, shapes and sizes. 

Emotional Development 

While still young, children barely show any empathy. They will stop fussing when fed without minding if anyone else is hungry. And you can't blame them since their brain only acknowledges their needs. However, carrying this behaviour with them to adulthood can be dangerous.

You do not want to bring up an inconsiderate teen later. That's where fun activities in childcare like sand and water play come in. Experimenting in a natural setting encourages confidence and self-esteem. 

They also begin to understand why other people feel happy or sad when in different situations. . 

Social Awareness 

While attending childcare in Chatswood, your child will learn to share, cooperate and listen to their mates during sand and water play. He/she will learn new tricks from other kids, borrow skills to complete tasks and appreciate the need to compete fairly. 

They will gain empathy by watching each other win or fail. These interactions teach your child the effect their actions have on others. Team participation also highlights who excels in what part of the play, giving them roles to play.  

Maths And Science Skills

Science and mathematics are common subjects across the world that many people still shy away from them. Unfortunately, they cannot be wished away. You can prepare your child for this by training their minds. 

Sand and water play is available in almost every centre that provides the best child care in Sydney. After playing for a while, children begin telling apart things like weight, capacity and even volume. 

Moving sand and water from one container to another triggers their brain to accommodate counting. Mixing sand with different amounts of water gives children different experiences, showing them science at its basic level. 

Language Development

Exploring the outdoors is an adventure almost every child loves. It gets even better when they play with others. Sand and water play gives them a perfect chance to sharpen their language skills. 

When mixing sand and water, kids talk to each other, which is an opportunity for them to enhance their communication skills. Since they are not among adults who have fully developed skills, your child gains confidence when with their mates. 

To further eliminate any jitters they might feel, playing makes them forget they are learning. Continued exposure to this polishes their language so fast.  Soon you realise they can put across their opinions in fully constructed phrases. 

Routinely allow your children to engage in play. Fun activities like sand and water play boost their growth and development. By taking them to a centre that provides the best childcare in West Ryde, they will have access to such activities, which not only help them adapt faster but make them better adults in future.

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