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5 Nutrition Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Keep Your Kids Healthy
5 Nutrition Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy

During the early years, your child needs wholesome foods and complete nutrition to strengthen themselves physically and mentally. That's why while choosing the best childcare in Sydney, you need to pay special attention to the meals served at the centre. Here are the top 5 nutrition tips for your child's growth and development:

Keep Them Nourished With Omega 3 Fats

Kids Planet Academy is the best childcare in Sydney, as we make sure that your child is well-nourished here. And as a parent, if you are wondering what to include in your child's diet to keep it balanced, then let us guide you.

If you are practising vegetarianism, you can include walnuts, chia seeds and soya beans in their diet for feeding them a healthy dose of omega 3 fats. While non-vegetarians can include seafood in their kids’ diet, which is a rich source of protein and helps in making new cells in the body.

Increase Fruits In Their Diet

Fruits are not only delicious to eat but are among the best sources of nutrition and natural sugar for kids. Berries such as blueberries and blackberries are a rich source of Vitamin C. While fruits such as apples and bananas should not be missed either. Oranges and kiwis help to boost their immune system and strengthen their protection against diseases.

If you are looking for a good West Ryde child care centre, then let us inform you that then let us highlight that Kids Planet Academy offers the best childcare in Sydney, as we make sure that your kids are enjoying a healthy diet at the centre.

Encourage Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich sources of Calcium which is necessary for strengthening bones and muscles. Though we suggest you to include those dairy products which are low on fat. Milk, yoghurt and cheese should be included in your kid's diet every day. Besides these food items, milk-based ice-creams can also be a delicious addition to your kid's menu. If your child is following a vegan diet, you can choose alternatives such as soy or almond milk - but make sure that these products have high calcium.

Make Them Fall In Love With Their Veggies

Are you searching for good child care in Lindfield? Kids Planet Academy is the centre with the best childcare Macquarie Park as our nutritious meals are prepared in a commercial-grade kitchen. While fast food is tempting, the true source of nutrition will always be the veggies. And it's necessary for your kids to keep their intake of vegetables high so that they can gain all the required nutrition and vitamins during their early years.

Carrots, spinach, cabbage and broccoli should be served to your kids regularly. You can also use your creativity to cook foods by using vegetables such as kale, mushrooms and bell peppers.

Cut Down On Sugar

Kids Planet Academy offers the best childcare in Sydney, as we make sure that your kid's consumption of artificial sugar is low. Processed food, beverages and sweet snacks include artificial sugar and should be avoided from being consumed regularly. While sweets can be delicious, they can cause long-term illnesses such as obesity and a weakened immune system.

By inculcating healthy eating habits during the early years, your child will transform into an adult who is fit and immune to diseases. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you raise healthy kids who are well-nourished.

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