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What Makes Kids Planet Academy The Best Childcare Centre In North Ryde?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Child Care In North Ryde

It is not enough for your child to just be looked after. We understand that their initial years set a foundation for who they will become in the future. That is why at Kids planet Academy, we ensure your child has a perfect environment to learn, grow and have fun. But that’s not the only thing that makes us the preferred choice for many parents looking for quality childcare in North Ryde. Read on to learn more about us.

Just The Educators Your Child Needs

At Kids Planet Academy, we understand the role educators and caregivers play in your child’s growth. That is why we only hire those who are trained and trained to dispense age-appropriate education.

We also make sure they are passionate about working with kids and prioritise their safety and comfort. To ensure your child gets all the attention they need, we hire them in good numbers in order to meet the required staff to child ratio.

We Value Communication

A better relationship with your childcare provider will benefit your child in so many ways. This calls for good communication between you and the people at your child’s daycare centre.

Our caregivers at Kids Planet Academy will not hesitate to give you all the necessary feedback and updates about your child’s progress. We will also let you know in advance when we notice key changes like bad behaviour or social anxiety.

We also document your child’s experiences and milestones through stories and photographs so you don’t miss a bit of their growth. You can access this valuable information through our modern sharing platform Storypark, which we provide secure logins for.

Proper Nutrition

Children need a balanced diet in order to get all the nutrients required for good growth. Incomplete and inconsistent meal plans only lead to malnutrition and other health concerns.

At our centre, we use a commercial-grade kitchen to prepare nutritious meals which give your child vital nutrients and minerals needed for proper growth and development. We ensure they get enough calcium for strong bones and teeth and carbohydrates for the energy to keep discovering their little world.

If your child has special dietary needs or is a fussy eater, our caregivers will work with you to find a proper diet for them and also assist them to settle down faster.

Generally, you do not have to worry about your child’s feeding as long as you enrol them in a facility that provides the best childcare in North Ryde.

Maximised Security

Most parents prefer childcare facilities that do not allow visitations during the day, fearing that their children might be picked up by strangers. This is understandable considering that we have childcare centres that lack proper safety measures.

However, this will be the least of your concerns if you enrol your child in our facility. We allow you to stop by any time of the day if you wish to check on your little one and even take them out for a short period. This is done with your child’s safety in mind. We give each family a unique PIN number which lets them in and out again.

Our system filters those walking in and out, keeping your child secure at all times.

Quality Early Childhood Development

Quality child care in North Ryde is not just about babysitting; it involves arming your child with skills they can find useful in future. We achieve this by incorporating fun and outdoor activities in the learning process.

We also provide age-appropriate learning based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and equip your child with strong virtues like effective communication, a sense of wellbeing, confidence and a strong sense of identity.

On top of that, we arrange for regular excursions and invite guest educators on a monthly basis so that your child gets the exposure they require for complete learning.

Child-Friendly Structures

Children are more often on the move. When they are not playing with each other, they are out exploring their environment. This means small spaces confine them and limit them from moving around freely.

That is why our structures are built with ample space and large windows for free movement of both kids and clean air. We have set aside enough outdoor spacing which allows your child to play in the sun for enough intake of the vital Vitamin D. We have many activities aimed at promoting physical growth through stronger bones and god balance.

There are many other reasons why Kids Planet Academy remains the best childcare in North Ryde. To find out more about our services and how well they suit your child, pay a visit to our facility. You can also call us or engage us in our online accounts.

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