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Points to Consider For Choosing The Best Childcare Lindfield

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Best Childcare Lindfield

The decision to leave your child under someone else’s watch and care is never an easy one to make. But sometimes it is inevitable. Balancing between work or running errands and taking care of your child can be draining. At some point, you’ll need a helping hand. This is where you may need to use childcare in Lindfield.

Today, there are different childcare options for you to choose from. From formal child-care centers and family daycares to in-home care providers. Whichever one of these you choose to settle for, there are some basic points you should never fail to consider. We take a look at them in detail.

Learning Programs And Activities

The early years of your child are very crucial for their brain development. It is also never too early to expose your child to age-appropriate learning. For this reason, you should be keen to find out the learning programs offered by your chosen childcare Lindfield.

Ask what they will be teaching your child and what the end-goals for these teachings are. Also find out the kind of activities they expose and involve your child in. Get to know if they are allowed to play outdoors and how often.

Based on the answers you find, you will be able to tell if the childcare is appropriate for your child.

Clear Communication Policy

Communication matters in every field, including childcare. Different providers of childcare in Lindfield have in place different communication policies. The last thing you want is to enroll your child in childcare then find out that their communication policy does not work for you.

A good communication policy should involve daily updates from the facility to the parents on the progress of the child. And it should be in the form of short text messages, short notes, daily diaries, or even calls.

The policy should also state how soon the facility should contact you in case of an emergency.

Is The Facility Licensed To Provide Childcare In Lindfield?

Expect to come across many providers of childcare in Lindfield. Unfortunately, not all of them operate as required by the relevant authorities. It is therefore upon you to do your due diligence to ensure that you do not fall prey to such facilities.

First, find out how long they have been in operation and what their reputation is. Check-out their website, look at their ratings, and talk to parents who’ve previously taken their children to the facility. Use their experience as a yardstick to measure the center’s child care quality.

Above all that, make sure the center is licensed to run and has the right documents in that regard.

Food Policy

Different providers of childcare in Lindfield have different rules when it comes to food and diet. Some allow children to carry their own snacks while others don’t.

If the facility offers snacks, you will want to be sure about two things. First, the diet aligns with your idea of healthy. Second, they are accommodative to child allergies.

You’ll also need to understand each of this policy and the reasoning behind it before signing your child up. In case you settle for a nanny option, find out if they are allergic to any food that you’d want them to feed your child.

Cost Of Childcare In Lindfield

Cost is definitely one crucial point you’ll have to consider when you set out to look for childcare in Lindfield. Cost varies from one facility to another and depends on numerous factors. Some of them include services offered and quality, location and amount of time your child spends at the facility.

Make sure you settle for an option that gives you value for your money. It is also important to check out if the government has in place childcare grants that you can sign-up for. The mode of payment should also be convenient and work for you.

Caregivers Qualifications And Ratio

When you set out to look for childcare in Lindfield, take your time to evaluate the caregivers. To begin with, narrow down to facilities with the recommended caregiver to child ratio.

Avoid daycares where caregivers are overwhelmed. Here, your child will not receive the level of attention and care required.

Caregivers should also be well skilled to handle children based on their ages and needs. Trained educators equip your child with different skills that they will find handy for the rest of their lives. Those with training in courses like first aid and early childhood education even better care.

Safety And Security

Every parent wants their child to be safe both at home and away. While accidents are inevitable, the best providers of childcare in Lindfield have in place emergency plans for that.

During your search, assess the overall safety, make some observations and ask questions. Do not hold back in case you spot any glaring safety concerns. In addition to that, take note of the facilities’ waste disposal methods and level of hygiene.

Enquire to know about the safe sleep practices for infants and emergency policies as well.

School Preparation

All the best providers of childcare in Lindfield have well-thought-out curriculums that prepare children for the transition to school. Familiarise yourself with these curriculums during your search. Get to understand how effective they are at achieving set goals.

In fact, enquire about the reasoning behind the curriculum. Thereafter, compare notes from different facilities before deciding which one will work best for your child.


The location of your child’s childcare facility should be put into serious consideration. Do you want your child to be in a facility that is close to your house or office? Do you want them to experience a different environment?

Put into consideration the pros and cons of each option. While you may want to be close to your child because of emergencies or other reasons, don’t forget that quality childcare still matters. Make sure that the facility meets all the other standards you may want for your child.

Even though these are the key points you will need to consider before choosing childcare Lindfield, trust your gut the most. If you are at peace with how you feel about a certain facility, you can enroll your child in it. But if you feel like you have some reservations about a facility, move on to the next option. All the best!

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