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How Poor Nutrition Can Slow Down Your Child's Mental Development

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Did you know that a major part of your child’s mental capacity develops in their first six years? Mental wellness for your child means they will grow to realize their full cognitive capacities, enabling them to be responsible adults who can make sound decisions. Of course, this is what you want for your child and a proper diet, coupled with the best child care in Eastwood, are some of the best ways to make sure of this.

During their first two years, your baby’s brain develops majorly by growing a protective sheath around it which is made mainly of nerves. Poor nutrition hinders its appropriate formation and this could lead to many undesired effects on your child’s mental development.

For those who may not what poor nutrition means, note that is a diet that either lacks the right amount of nutrients or has them in excess. 

This article shines a light on what you risk by not feeding your child the right diet. Take a look:

  • Nervous system functionality

  • Reduced Brain cells communication

  • Stunted brain development

  • Mood Swings

  • Slow Adaptation

Let’s examine each in detail:

1.Delayed Nervous System Functionality

A poor diet for your child that does not contain all the essential nutrients for brain development will result in your child experiencing delayed nervous system functionality. This means that your child will have a hard time developing adequate reflexes and motor skills.

Your child might also suffer from lack of coordination, muscle wasting and slurred speech. A balanced diet is important to ensure that your child does not suffer from serious neurological disorders that are associated with poor diets.

When exploring childcare in Sydney, diet plans is one of the things you should be keener about. 

2. Slower Communication Between Brain Cells

A proper diet is mandatory to ensure the proper formation of receptors that are responsible for the communication between brain cells. Receptors are a critical component of learning and memory in the brain.

Poor nutrition will greatly hinder the formation of these receptors in your child's brain, lowering their ability to learn and memorise things later on in their lives. Poor receptor formation is also related to mental disorders such as schizophrenia and anxiety.

This one of the reasons why finding a provider of childcare in North Ryde,

Macquarie Park or the suburb near you who understands the importance of nutrition for your child is so important.

3. Stunted Brain Development

There have been countless medical studies that have made the relation between stunted brain development in children and poor nutritional habits. As a parent, your duty is to ensure that your children get all the nutrients needed for proper brain development from their diet.

If you fail to do this, then your child will suffer delays in reaching developmental milestones with his or her peers. This might cause your child to be withdrawn and have low self-esteem as a result of feelings of inadequacy.

4. Mood Swings

An appropriate and balanced diet is essential to ensure that your child develops the part of their brain responsible for emotional maturity. Poor nutrition can lead to your child demonstrating mood swings later in life as a result of an underdeveloped limbic system.

When in search of a facility for childcare in Macquarie Park or surrounding suburbs, narrow your search to those that are dedicated to offering children nutritious meal plans.  This is one way of ensuring that children get all the nutrients required to ensure that they develop emotional balance, reducing the chances of them suffering anxiety and depression later in their lives.

5. Slow Adaptation

The brain is what enables you to take in information, analyse it and use it to your advantage. This is what enables you to adapt to new situations or environments with relative ease. Poor nutrition is one of the main reasons that might lead to your child being a slow learner.

Your child will be at a disadvantage when it comes to learning, playing or thriving in new environments. They might also suffer from feelings of depression and anxiety later on in life when the effects of being a slow learner become more apparent.

Final Word

There are many negative effects of poor nutrition on your child's mental development. As a parent, you should be committed to always feeding your child a proper and balanced diet. If you have no idea what diet is right for them, speak to a dietitian or nutritionist for tips. At the same time, enroll them in a facility that offers the best childcare in Eastwood as most of them already have well-thought-out diet plans and meals that will help your child grow and develop well. 

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