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How Technoference Impacts Modern Families

Sociologists, media theorists and technology experts all agree that the increased use of technology has had good, bad and ugly effects on our lives. Many argue, with evidence, that while smartphones and tablets have made things easier, they have also affected social relationships. As seasoned providers of childcare in Lindfield, we have also witnessed the impact these devices have had on children and their parents.

Even though it is hard to do away with technological devices, it is not okay when you let them interrupt interactions with your kid, friend, family members or colleague.

This interruption, christened technoference, has irreversible effects on your interaction with your loved ones. As a parent, you need to balance between the time spent on such devices and your child. 

For you to understand this better, this article breaks down the impact technoference can have on your family. 

Low-Quality Parenting 

A huge percentage of parents admit to being distracted by smart devices when parenting. Considering you have to work to earn a living, you will have limited time with your child if you let technological devices have their way.  

Spending your evening glued on your screen means your child will see less of you. They will have no time to tell you about their day in daycare. You eventually become unapproachable and they can hardly tell you if someone or something harms them. 

Generally, by choosing to interact with your friends online or watching shows on your gadget as opposed to spending time with your child, you sacrifice quality parenting. 

Extra Parenting Stress

Take a scenario where your child is quiet in their room as you check the latest trends on your smartphone. You are supposed to be tacking them in for bed but a ping on your device stopped you. You then got distracted and ended up checking things you didn't intend to. 

By the time you come back to your senses, your child has fallen asleep where they shouldn't. You struggle to put them to bed only for them to wake up wailing. Now you have to do what you postponed but this time it will be harder. 

Such scenarios are quite common and you may think parenting is meant to be that hard. It isn't. You add to the stress by letting your device steal your time. 

Strained Co-parenting

After a busy day at work, many of us will want to have a relaxed evening. Probably bonding with our partner and kid before going to bed. Sometimes, you will even share evening duties amongst yourselves just to create enough time to listen to your child. 

For many, this often goes well until the devices demand your attention.  All of a sudden, you want to finish bathing the baby quickly so you can go back to your device while your partner takes care of the child. 

You work harder to finish all your chores in order to create time to scroll down your phone one last time. 

Other than burdening your partner, you will be disorienting your child by juggling them around. 

Setting A Bad Example

One way children learn is by copying what other people do.  This is so common in facilities that provide child care in Chatswood. That is why you have to ensure that their caregivers are professional and of good behaviour.

Since they will be around you most of the time, they will also copy each move you make. You might tell them to respect their nanny at home but if they see you do the opposite, they will follow in your footsteps. 

The same will happen If they see you spend family time staring and scrolling hard on your tablet or phone. Your child will do exactly that, albeit differently. They will become withdrawn and cocoon themselves. 

While you may be too busy to notice, this quietness and withdrawal will be problematic when they become teenagers. 

Broken Bonds

You are closest to your child when they can talk to you freely. When you create time in the evenings or weekends to hang out with them, it becomes possible to monitor their growth closely and nurture a solid relationship with them. 

On the other hand, if you barely spend time with them or respond in monosyllables when they want to tell you about their day in daycare, they will interpret that as disinterest. 

If this goes on, they will eventually stop competing with your phone or tablet and probably find someone else who will give that much-needed attention. These broken bonds could affect your child for the rest of their lives since they will most likely interpret it later as rejection. 

That is why centres that provide childcare in Lindfield prioritise caregiver-child relationship. They understand why this matters and so they will take actions like observing recommended staff to child ratio to ensure your child gets all the attention they need. 

Behavioural Problems

Studies show that neglecting your children can have long-term severe impacts on them. Unfortunately, the neglect has gotten worse with technology advancement. 

While it may seem okay to quieten your child as you read through a post on Facebook, this could be the basis of behavioural problems. After a day in childcare in Chatswood, all your child wants is the personal attention they deserve at their age. 

When you keep hushing them so you can react to something on social media, they will eventually develop a reaction to that. Hyperactivity, tantrums, withdrawal and intense sadness are just a piece of what you might end up dealing with. 

In summary, smart devices are great and there is so much you wouldn't achieve without them. However, they are still gadgets at the end of the day. They are designed to get you invested in the many things the internet has to offer these days. But you need to draw the line. Be keen not to lose your loved ones, especially your child, by drowning in the distraction.

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