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How To Choose The Right Child Care Centre In Chatswood

Updated: May 31, 2021

Childcare Chatswood
How To Choose The Right Child Care Centre

Choosing the best Childcare Chatswood is a tough decision. After all, the childcare centre plays a major role in educating your child and instilling valuable traits in them. Kids Planet Academy offers a healthy atmosphere to your child where they are exposed to different careers and feel enlightened about community, animals, arts and climate. Our qualified educators encourage the interests of the children and provide plenty of learning opportunities to them. We also focus on inculcating valuable lessons in them such as respect for their fellow beings, self-awareness, and open-mindedness. Let us guide you on how to choose the best childcare center in Chatswood:

Education methods

The first thing you must focus on while choosing the best childcare in Chatswood is the education methods. Kids Planet Academy offers a wonderful opportunity for children to learn, play and grow. We are dedicated to life-long education and make sure that your child is actively involved in learning experiences.

We help them expand their knowledge and foster their thinking so that they can transform into beings who are self-aware and intelligent. Our aim is to teach children how to complete tasks independently through active hands-on involvement that will lead to rewarding learning experiences. We also encourage a natural inquisitive learning mindset that allows children to create their own learning spaces.


While choosing the best childcare Chatswood, you must take the environment of the centre into consideration. Kids Planet Academy has an inclusive and diverse environment. The engaging environment of our center makes sure that your child’s curiosity is nurtured while their creativity is encouraged. Our educators are good role models for your children and nurture their sense of discovery. We focus on building a respectful relationship between educators and peers.

The safe and friendly environment of the center is perfect for children to engage in new learning experiences. We also make sure that all children are treated with fairness, feel valued for their thoughts and opinions and that their cultural and diverse backgrounds are embraced. Moreover, the sustainable environment of our childcare encourages your child to foster kindness towards oneself and others.

Extracurricular activities

Besides early education, extracurricular activities are important for the development of your child. Kids Planet Academy is the best childcare Chatswood as we offer fun and educational excursions and in-house events that are beneficial to the children. Through excursions, your child gets to venture out of the center with trusted staff and develop various traits such as confidence, self-awareness and adaptability. These activities nurture the children's natural curiosity while making sure that their sense of safety is established through well-trained instructors. Our excursions allow them to engage with the community, have discussions with their peers and have their minds stimulated through knowledgeable topics.


The child care cost per day in Australia is quite high. But you need to make sure that quality care and education is offered at an affordable fee. Kids Planet Academy offers quality education along with fun excursions and engaging events at a reasonable fee.

We hope that the aforementioned pointers will help you choose the best Chatswood child care center for your child.

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