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How To Get On The Same Wavelength As Your Infant

Good connection between you and your baby is good for their growth and development. But we bet you already know that. Your challenge is probably how to achieve it. Not many of us can attest to being on the same wavelength as our infant. 

Did you know getting in sync with your infant develops their brain faster, making it easier for them to learn? In fact, this is so vital as it determines how ready they will be for life, including readiness to attend childcare in North Ryde. 

So, how then do you sync with your baby? To make this happen, the first thing to do is try and understand the results you are looking for. In the article, we discuss several easy to do things that will give you great results as far as this is concerned.

1. Make Eye Contact

Having direct eye contact with your baby is the most powerful way to connect with them. Further, it causes both your brainwaves to sync, which leads to a better bond. Even though they can’t speak in their early days, your baby understands their environment better after you connect with them this way.  The bond you cultivate through eye contact goes a long way and isn’t broken even when they join childcare in Lindfield or anywhere else. 

2. Smile At Them More Often

Your baby feels safer and secure when you smile at them. The security they feel translates to a warm and loving relationship between the two of you. Smiling at your baby may eventually draw a smile back and these releases feel-good chemicals in your brains that put both of you in sync. These regular smiles gradually teach your child to learn to have good relationships with others.  This is crucial as at some point, they will meet other kids and different kinds of people while attending childcare in Chatswood or that suburb near you.

3. Skin-to-skin Handling

How can holding my baby skin to skin benefit us? This is a question many new mothers ask. According to research, holding your baby against your skin stimulates their brain into responding faster to you. It also enables the two of you to utilise all your senses in nurturing a relationship as they understand your emotions better. This is easier to achieve today when you try kangaroo care.

4. Take Time To Breastfeed

You’re probably thinking, ‘but isn’t breastfeeding obvious?’ Well, it is when you want to feed your baby. What you probably don’t know is that breastfeeding goes beyond filling your baby’s tummy.  First, your baby learns your scent and is assured of happiness when you breastfeed them. The happiness comes naturally as they find comfort and nourishment from you. This closeness creates a strong bond and your baby easily responds to your movement. 

5. Massage Your Baby

Do you remember how comforting your last message was? Now think of how much it will relax your baby if you did it to them. Massaging your baby gently builds their trust in you and brings the two of you together. The loving touch of your massage triggers your baby’s responsiveness to you hence bringing you to a similar wavelength. The giggles you get out of your baby after a massage will make you want to be close to them even more.

6. Talk To Your Infant

Yes, this may sound insane, but talking to your infant is a great way to sync and be on the same wavelength as them. You will also be helping them learn speech faster which is vital for their future days in childcare at Macquarie Park. However, that isn’t the major role here. Talking smoothly to your infant gets them used to your voice as they were before birth. This reassures and helps them differentiate you from the rest of the environment. It creates an even better bond when they can finally try to respond through mimicking or baby talk. 

7. Respond To Their Cues

Your baby has needs and will try to communicate even though they are too young to speak. In their early days, your baby communicates to you through sounds and movements. Learn to observe their likes and dislikes by observing how they react to things around them. You can tell if your baby despises noise, loves music or is too hot just by observation. Responding to this little cues tells your baby they can rely on you and builds their trust in you. 

Are you are ready to bond with your baby and get in sync? Consider these tips your foundation. Don’t worry if your baby responds slowly to your advances. Babies react differently to different things. Keep working on these tips and soon enough, you will find the one that works for both of you. 

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