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How To Keep Baby Teeth Healthy

If you have a 2 or 3-year-old child, chances are you may have sought professional help to manage their dental condition. Just like everything else about babies, teething, dental hygiene and proper gum/jaw development is a delicate process. If not handled correctly, your child could end up having lifelong teeth problems. For parents considering childcare in North Ryde, ask to know how the facility goes about this. 

Even before you spot the first baby teeth, gently wipe your baby's gums with baby wet wipes or a clean damp cloth after meals. This removes any harmful bacteria that might start eating away at the gums and still developing teeth. By the time your child hits 2 or 3, he or she can be able to use an infant toothbrush. 

Use medically approved toothpaste (about the size of a green gram). It is important to have adult supervision during brush sessions to prevent your child from swallowing the paste. Your baby's teeth should have begun touching by this age so it's safe to use dental floss.

But that’s not all. Read on to learn more about taking care of your baby’s teeth. 

Causes And Signs Of Tooth Decay In Children 

Dental caries or baby bottle tooth decay is the leading chronic childhood disease affecting kids. Just because your baby's teeth are still developing doesn't mean they're not vulnerable to tooth decay.

All this depends on your personal hygiene as well.' Harmless'  habits like sharing spoons with your baby during mealtimes can transfer acid-producing bacteria through saliva. Prolonged meal times like leaving a baby bottle in your child's mouth for too long leaves deposits of natural sugars present in food. 

The bacteria will turn these sugars into acid and eat away at your baby's gums and enamel (hard outer part of the teeth). This could lead to cavities, ingrown teeth. New teeth will have no healthy room to develop, shifting their roots to an incorrect position and misaligned jaws. 

Have this in mind when looking for childcare in Lindfield or any other place. Study the facility’s meal plans, bottle-feeding techniques and other feeding procedures. 

All the same, seeing the first signs of tooth decay in your child can be difficult, even for a dentist. You should look for a paediatrician who's well versed in childhood dental diseases, treatment and care.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Your child's overall dental hygiene starts at home and extends to the daycare setting. So even if they childcare in Chatswood, make sure they don’t break the following rules:

Don't Let Your Child Sleep With Snacks

As much as you love donning your child with food treats over weekend nights, it won't be so adorable when tooth decay sets in. Make sure your kids don't go to bed with sippy cups filled with soda or any kind of sugary drinks. Not only is this a dental risk but your child can also be susceptible to ear infections and choking at night.

Does Your Child Drink Water With Fluoride In It?

Make sure your kids have plenty of safe, treated water to drink, especially if they are in a facility that provides childcare in Macquarie Park. Fluoride is good for the teeth, strengthening and hardening the outer layer. But since you cannot be entirely sure of the fluoride’s percentage, it's best for your child's paediatrician to take samples and have an analysis.

Regulate Snack time

As much as your child may have a strong sweet tooth, do not give in to his or her demands and tantrums. Limit the amount of sugary and salty foods that you give them. Opt for healthier options like a slice of pineapple or orange. This maintains your kid's sugar cravings and increases his or her vitality.

Regular Checkups For You And Your Child

Your health and dental hygiene matters. As a patent, you'll be in close contact with your child most of the time. From daycare drop-ins and pick-ups to goodnight kisses, you want to make sure you're at no risk of exposing your child to dental defects. Even before the baby is born, have regular checks with your primary care physician and dental specialist.

It's equally easy and tricky to keep your baby's teeth healthy. As a parent, equip yourself with as much information as possible about keeping their teeth healthy. Already, we have given you the foundational information to build on. When setting for childcare in North Ryde, make sure the daycare has a doctor's note on dental hygiene and management.

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