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How To Prevent Jealousy Between Siblings

It doesn’t matter if you give your children everything in the world.  At some point, they’re going to experience jealousy. Even as they receive the best childcare in North Ryde, this feeling will be present. That’s because jealousy isn’t really about how many things your child does or doesn’t have. You may not be able to entirely eliminate it, but you can teach your kids to handle the negative emotions and help them foster a positive opinion of themselves and the world around them.

Going About It The Right Way

When you see that your child feels jealous, you'll most likely seek to eliminate that feeling. You might say something like, “It’s not nice to be jealous of someone else,” or “You shouldn’t feel jealous,” or “You don’t need to be jealous, you have plenty of things they don’t have, so what if they have, and you don’t?”

The problem, however, is that this doesn’t cause your child to stop feeling jealous. Instead, it often aggravates their feelings- adding resentment and a feeling of being misunderstood on top of everything.

You might want to consider child care in Lindfield if you want to minimise the constant fights and frequent headaches. But getting to the root of the problem back home will go a long way in finding a permanent solution.

A Heart-to-Heart talk

First, reassure your children they are not bad for feeling this way. Wanting what others have is normal and involuntary so your kids should not feel guilty about feeling envious. 

If kids try to suppress their feelings or lie about them, they may feel worse about themselves. Begin by having your children discuss how they feel about the person and thing that they envy. 

What does the person have that your kids want and why do they want it? Ask questions that will get your children thinking about what they really want and need.

When evaluating providers of childcare in Chatswood or other suburbs, this is among the things you should ask the caregiver. Get to know how they go about heart-to-talk talks. 

Draw A Distinct Line Between Wants And Needs

Once you and your children have identified what it is that they really want-whether it is material things or specific achievements- try to separate that from the child they envy. 

It may be that your children can attain what they want by establishing a goal to get there. They might save up to purchase that envied item or start studying in a new way to get the good grades they so desire. 

Even if what your kids want is not attainable, turn their focus to their own lives and away from the other child. Remind your children that other people’s success does not diminish or change their achievements. It is OK to have obstacles and even to fail. It may actually lead to greater success.

Avoid Comparisons

If your children attempt to evaluate their self-worth based on comparisons with others, their self-esteem will likely suffer. 

The fact is, comparing one aspect of another child is not a fair comparison as there are many factors that contribute to your children's successes and failures. 

We often see many parents easily fall into this trap of social comparison when taking their children to receive childcare in Macquarie Park. Be careful not to compare your child to other children but rather celebrate their individuality.

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them

If your children can get to know the child whom they envy in the daycare, they can begin to put their feelings into a more realistic perspective. Your kids will likely discover that the child who they thought had such a perfect life actually has struggles and insecurities, too. Encourage them to mingle even with those they envy. 


It's okay for there to be strong feelings, words and actions between siblings. Fighting and arguing between your children is normal. It’s how your children learn to sort out problems and develop strategies they can use in other conflict situations that matter. Sibling rivalry is also part of how children work out their place in the family. Still, it would give you peace of mind taking them to a facility that provides the best child care in North Ryde.

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