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How To Stay Healthy During These Cold Winter Months

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Did you know that lower humidity combined with colder temperatures make the perfect home for viruses? According to health experts, more people also fall sick during winter due to staying in enclosed spaces for longer.

While attending Best childcare in Macquarie Park, children pick up germs and illnesses, spreading them amongst themselves and even bringing some home. As already mentioned, these viruses live longer in cold and humid environments. This means that the possibility of your child getting ill will be higher during winter.

Fortunately, there are ways through which you can keep your baby and the rest of your family free from illnesses during winter. Read on to find out how to stay healthy during these cold winter months.

Proper Handwashing

While it might be easy for you to observe proper hand hygiene practices, children err more often. As a result, they are more likely to transfer germs from one place to another.

In the best centres that provide childcare in Macquarie Park, caregivers usually insist on proper handwashing to reduce risks of infection. You can play your part by reinforcing the habit at home.

Remind your child to wash their hands with soap and rinse well as soon as they come from outside. Insist on this before they eat and after using the washroom. For better results, lead by following proper hand hygiene practices.

Observe The Cough Etiquette

In case one of you has a respiratory infection, coughing or sneezing inappropriately spreads it. This increases in winter since germs survive longer on damp surfaces. Also, when you sit or stand too close to each other, the risk of getting infected or spreading the infection goes high.

To avoid spreading germs or disease-causing microorganisms all over your house, sneeze and cough into your elbow. Teach your child to do the same. When they need to blow their noses, teach them the importance of using disposable tissue.

Dress Warm

Although cold environments are not directly associated with being ill, light clothing can expose you and your child to illnesses. When left to play outside in the wrong attire, your child could suffer from frostbite and hypothermia.

Invest in warm sweaters, thick socks, gloves and mittens for warmth. When your child is leaving the house, dress them in a hat and waterproof boots to keep them dry and warm.

Get A Flu Shot

Government-sponsored seasonal influenza vaccine is available for several groups, including children aged between 6 months and 5 years. You can boost your child's immunity with the annual flu shot.

It will help to minimise the risk of them picking up the flu while attending childcare. If you do not get them vaccinated, they will be exposed to infections not just at the centre but also at home.

If you have a child with special needs, they will still qualify for this shot even if they are above 5 years. To be safer, go for your shot too since your child’s low immunity opens them up to reinfections.

Withdraw Your Child From Childcare When Sick

A communicable disease usually spreads like a bush fire among children because they are active and play a lot. Facilities that offer the best child care in North Ryde fully understand this. That is why they have a policy in place that requires them to notify any parent whose child falls ill.

Sending your child to daycare when they are unwell endangers others. Likewise, another parent insisting on dropping off their child when they are sick endangers you and your child.

To protect you and your child’s health, make sure the daycare’s policy doesn’t allow sick children to be dropped off at their facility.

Healthy Eating

While hot chocolate sounds appealing during these cold months, there are many healthy options you can serve to keep your family well. Boiled tubers and soups top this list. Other than keeping you warm, eating healthy foods boosts the immunity of your family.

If your child attends child care in Macquarie Park, pack a fruit for snack instead of candy. More broccoli and cauliflower in your family's main meal are a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Pack Adequate Supplies

A borrowed pencil or eraser might seem innocent to your child. However, sharing supplies amongst children has proven to be a leading cause of cross infections. Your child will not think twice before shoving a building block from their play mate's collection into their mouth.

A shared drinking bottle could also infect as many children as there are in a daycare centre in one day. To reduce this sharing, pack essentials for your child. Their caregivers will do the rest by ensuring the children only use what is theirs.


Lots of people associate winter with cold and do not think it is necessary to hydrate. But that is a mistake you should not make.

Human bodies lose much fluid during the cold and dryness of winter. Many centres that provide the best Child care in Macquarie Park know this. Thus, they always ensure children under their watch rehydrate accordingly.

You can help at home by reminding them to drink their water. Make it more fun by drinking soups with them and telling them the importance of doing this.

Winter doesn't have to be gloomy in your home or a season to be worried about when it comes to your health and that of your children. Implement the above tips to keep both you and your child free from illnesses during this time.

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