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Top Ryde Early Learning Child Care & Day Care Centre

Updated: May 26, 2021

Top Ryde Childcare

Childcare Top Ryde not only benefits children but parents as well. In such an environment, your child will be exposed to countless educational activities that promote their growth and development. Top Ryde early learning centres also ensure that you find your child as you left them in the morning.

As a parent, you relax knowing that your child is under the care of professional caregivers. Also, you will have enough time to attend to other vital activities.

It is totally fine if you are not sure whether to trust a childcare provider with your child. Maybe you do not even want your little one out of your sight. If that’s you, you will be pleased to know that childcare centres share your worries and have solutions for that. Later on in this guide, we discuss the benefits of enrolling your child in our childcare centre.

In the meantime, let’s look at the various childcare options you have at your disposal and how much you should expect to pay for childcare services.

5 Of The Most Common Forms Of Childcare In Top Ryde

In your search for quality childcare in Top Ryde, you will come across the following options:

1. Daycare Centres

Arguably the most popular form of childcare in Top Ryde, daycare is a favourite for most parents, justifiably so. In a daycare centre, your child is taken care of by qualified and experienced caregivers. They are taken through early childhood learning programs and also exposed to various fun educational activities. Here, your child will be equipped with skills and lessons that are essential for their future.

2. Home Care

In this setting, you drop your child at the caregiver’s home where they are watched while you are away. The home care provider is fully trained in childhood development and can only have up to seven children at most. Home care is especially great for children with special needs.

3. Nannies And Babysitters

With a trusted nanny, you are assured that your child has adequate supervision at all times. Nannies take care of all your child’s needs, including feeding and hygiene. They also do other chores in your house as per your agreement.

Babysitters on the other hand stop by your home at agreed times to take care of your child on agreed terms. Most babysitters are mostly students seeking to make an extra buck.

It is important to note that nannies and babysitters should not necessarily be trained in child development.

4. Relative Care

Sometimes, you can make arrangements with your family members to watch over your child. This could be your parent, partner, niece or sibling among others. The trick here is to only bring in a relative your child is comfortable around. Just like with nannies, your relatives may not necessarily have the basics of early childhood.

5. Au Pair

Some students and tourists from other countries often find accommodation and other basics by living with residents at affordable prices. If you have such an arrangement in your home, reduce some of the accommodation and meal fees and have the foreigner take care of your child at agreed times.

Of all these five options, daycare centres remain the most common and preferred option for the reasons mentioned earlier. You will have little to worry about if you enrol your child in the best childcare in Top Ryde. But this comes at a cost and we break it down for you next.

The Cost Of Childcare In Top Ryde Early Learning Centres

You need to know just how much to set aside for fees. At this point, it is important to understand that childcare comes in many price tags. The average fee in Australia right now is $10.55 an hour before subsidies. However, different childcare facilities will have different price tags influenced by:

1. Services They Offer

Childcare providers offering many services have a slightly higher charge than their counterparts. It is, therefore, your duty as a parent to check the services your preferred childcare provider offers. Confirm that your child needs those services before committing to pay.

2. Location

The location of a daycare in Top Ryde determines how much they will charge. Centres offering childcare in Top Ryde are scattered all over the state. Some are remote while others are built close to major amenities such as roads and towns. The closer a facility is to these amenities, the higher their charges get.

3. Your Child’s Age

It goes without saying that the younger your child is, the more attention they require. It is common for providers of Kids Planet Academy to hire many caregivers for the little ones. More staff means more wages to pay and this eventually reflects on the price tag. However, when your child is older, they do not need too much supervision, so the charges reduce.

Other factors to keep in mind include:

  • Number of hours needed

  • Caregiver training and experience

  • Quality of childcare services offered

That said, let’s now look at how our childcare Top Ryde will benefit our little one.

How Our Childcare Top Ryde Will Benefit Your Child

While our primary goal is to ensure your child is well looked after, that is not the only benefit to expect from us. Our caregivers go the extra mile, ensuring all the children under our care grow and develop in every other area of their life. Here is what to expect:

Cognitive Development

How well your child understands their environment depends on their cognitive abilities. The better they are at it, the faster they can process information. Having your child attend our childcare in Top Ryde is a sure way to boost their cognitive abilities. Interacting with their peers also keeps your child’s brain open, making them learn faster.

Physical Growth

We all want to see our children grow up physically as well. By taking part in other play activities, your child exercises their entire body, leading to physical growth. Outdoor activities also ensure they have adequate Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth.

Better Language And Communication

It is proven that children who interact with others in their early years have better communication skills. This can partly be attributed to the fact that childcare exposes your child to other people beyond their family members. Through interactions with peers and strangers, they learn better social skills and how to communicate better


In our childcare in Top Ryde, we also teach your child pronunciation. Furthermore, we expose them to activities like singing and reading stories which boost their communication at an early age.

We could go on and list many other benefits of having your child attend our childcare in Top Ryde. However, you are better off experiencing them first hand. You are welcome to visit our facility and check out how we take care of childcare under our care. You can also give us a call to learn more about our childcare services.


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