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What Are Educational And Fun Family Activities To Play With Your Kids?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Having kids at home can be overwhelming if you have no idea what activities to engage them in. Although having them attend childcare in Macquarie Park helps, you still have time left to spend with them in the evenings, weekends and holidays.

Let’s not forget that whatever your child does in their early years influences who they will become. That is why you really have to come up with brilliant growth-supporting ideas.

Playing with your child creates great bonding moments which helps them develop their own character with your guidance. That is why we have discussed several family activities for you and your child. Check them out.

Read Together

Almost everything your child will do in future is related to books and having a good attitude towards them early is an advantage. You can bond over a book with your child as you teach them sentence construction for better communication.

Reading to them motivates them to learn on their own, further giving them better literacy skills. Books are educational, especially if you liaise with the best childcare in Macquarie Park. They will show you age-appropriate books which teach your child basic stuff like human origin, their environment, the alphabet among other things.

Play Board Games Together

We cannot stress enough the benefits of board games to your child’s growth and development. For starters, board games teach your child basic math concepts like addition and subtraction, making it easy for them when they join school.

Playing puzzles, chess, scrabble, and monopoly among others also develops their spatial reasoning and improves their critical thinking.

Through them, your child learns the value of teamwork and understands it is normal to win and lose in equal measure.

Turn Trash Into Treasure

There’s probably no better way to teach your child about conservation than through recycling and reusing. A lesson on turning trash into treasure can boost your child’s creativity and help them come up with valuable items from waste.

Assuming your child already knows craft, all you need to do is to help them choose materials to transform. You can have fun while turning toilet paper rolls into beautiful crafts, turning empty bottles into colourful vases, using egg trays as paint trays…the list is endless.

Other than encouraging your child to be inventive, such activities make them appreciate the environment and proper waste disposal techniques.

Create A Workout Regime

Many parents think that workout is limited to adults and leave out their kids when going for runs and walks. Some also think physical exercise means signing up at the local gym. However, this is far from the truth.

You can have fun with your child and achieve physical fitness in the process. Such activities teach your child the importance of watching their body to keep health problems like obesity away.

Swim with them, enjoy your evening walks together, go cycling around your residence and involve them in any other fitness exercise you find suitable for them.

You can contact your child’s pediatrician or the caregiver from where they attend childcare in Macquarie Park if you run out of ideas.

Paint Away

Knowing what your child’s perception towards life is important as it guides how you bring them up. You can find out by letting them express themselves through painting.

Other than helping them identify colours, painting encourages your child to convey their ideas while exercising their growing brain. It also improves their motor skills and dexterity through hand and eye coordination.

Ask your childcare provider for the ideal paint to use to avoid creating permanent messes. You can add to the fun by joining in to share some of your work or work together with them on a painting project.

Remember Story Time

How well can your child communicate? Do not worry if they are still struggling to express their feelings to you or to other adults. We just might have a solution for you.

Storytelling fosters your child’s imagination while boosting their confidence, giving them verbal consistency. Choose age-appropriate stories from a variety of fields to sharpen your child’s memory. This will make it easy for them to learn.

You can tell stories from your childhood and let them tell you about their day at childcare in Top Ryde. Taking turns in storytelling teaches your child to be a better listener.

All these activities can benefit your child in so many great ways. The ball is in your court now. Remember that you can always expand your list of play activities and get more ideas by speaking to their caregivers or those from centres that provide the best childcare in West Ryde.

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