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Work-life Balance Toolkit For Parents

Balancing between work and looking after your family is easy when you have a flexible job. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many jobs in Australia. How then does one perform well at their job while living an optimal life, especially if you have a young child? We understand that this is a challenge for many parents, including those who have opted for child care in North Ryde. 

Of course, quitting your job to look after your family may not be a wise option, especially if you need that income to keep the ball rolling. You may have enrolled your baby in daycare, but still, you need to pick them up and spend the evening with them.

Despite such efforts, you may still find it difficult to strike that perfect work-life balance. Luckily for you, this article highlights several hacks that can see you through this challenge. 

Keep A Schedule

Having multiple things to do a lot within a short space of time can be frustrating. When you don’t plan your time well, you might end up with so many unaccomplished tasks and frustration kicks in. 

To beat this, come up with a schedule you can easily adhere to, starting with your daily chores and what to do when you pick your child up from where they attend childcare in North Ryde. Schedules help you know what tasks come after the other and are a great time saver.

Differentiate Between Urgent And Important

Your schedule wouldn’t make much of a difference if you end up mixing urgent tasks with important ones. While all tasks require your attention, some are definitely urgent and will require immediate action. 

There could be others that are not urgent but still important. For example,  dropping off or picking your up child from where they attend childcare in Macquarie Park is an important task whose urgency will depend on the time of the day. To make it through, know what needs your attention at what time of the day.

Involve Your Kids

Ever heard the idiom ‘kill two birds with one stone?’ Involving your child in activities around your home is a fantastic example of this great idea. It is a win-win situation if you can get tasks done while spending time with your child. This is advisable for weekends when they are not tired from a day in childcare. To make it fun, let them help with the light chores they enjoy doing. 


One secret to having a good work-life balance is saving as much time as possible. And guess what, you accomplish that even when you have so many duties. Batching is the perfect solution to that. Group similar tasks together so that you finish them before moving to your next. 

For example, you could do some shopping on your way to pick your child up from where they receive childcare in Lindfield if your market lies in the same direction. Batching saves time wasted between tasks. 

Invest In To-dos

Knowing your tasks by heart is okay, but noting them down is better. Small notes of things you need to do can help you organise your tasks in the right order. By noting them down in a to-do list, you can cancel out the unimportant ones and create enough balance between work and your child. 

Create Some Me Time 

That sounds insane with so much to do, right? Well, it isn't. Spending some time on you helps you take a much-needed break. You will realise that you perform better after a rest. To achieve this, you can set aside an hour to read a book, go window shopping or take a nap. One of the best me time is when your child is away attending childcare in Chatswood, North Ryde, Macquarie Park, Lindfield or any other suburb. 

Seek Information 

Many other parents before you have struggled with managing between work and living. Out of experience, they have many tips that worked for them, which might give you a headstart. 

Talking to your fellow parents can help you learn more lessons on how to balance work and life. Also, once in a while, read parenting blogs to boost your knowledge of working and living while keeping sane. 

Armed with all these tips, you can arrange your time well and maintain a healthy balance between your work and life. A combination of the above not only allows you to handle your work and bring your child up well but also gives you desired results. This is important in keeping your job through good performance while maintaining a healthy relationship with your family, especially your children.

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