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The Ultimate Guide To A Well-Balanced Diet For Your Child

Updated: May 18, 2020

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You may find yourself not giving much thought to what food your child consumes, especially when you're operating on a tight schedule and lack the time needed to take good care of them. But since a great part of your child's growth and development takes place in their early years, it is your duty as a parent to ensure they get the right nutrients in the right amounts. Enrolling them in a facility known to provide the best childcare in Sydney would be a great place to start since they not only focus on care and supervision but also on your child's health in regards to diet. 

At the same time, it would be great to know what diets they need to it in order to grow and develop well in all the areas of life. But before that, lets first understand what a balanced diet is.

What Is Balanced Diet For Kids? 

This is the food you serve your child in an attempt to fulfil their nutrition needs, maintain their health in good condition, support their growth and development, and to minimize their chances of falling sick. 

Children are hard to convince when it comes to healthy eating as they don't understand the need. Your child might keep pushing to have snacks or processed food goods, tempting you to let them have their way. Y

You, however, should insist on proper diets to help them benefit from the foods they eat. Some of the reasons why you need to feed your child on a balanced diet are:

  • Improved immunity against disease and illnesses 

  • A better brain caused by high functionality that is boosted by omega 3 fats 

  • Proper growth and development is directly related to diet since new cells have to be constructed. 

  • Better skin and hair are a result of healthy eating since all nutrients are evenly distributed. 

Facilities that provide childcare in North Ryde, for example, fully understand just how important such a diet is and that is why they invest heavily in good meals. They simply want the best for your child as well. 

Components Of A Balanced Diet For Your Child 

There is no specific amount of nutrients needed by an individual, although your child's balanced diet should consist of five major groups namely:

1. Carbohydrates 

Known as energy giving foods, carbohydrates are important in your child’s diet. These are sugars, starches and fibers that contribute to your baby's calories. These calories are broken down and fuel both your baby's muscles and their nervous system. 

To provide your baby with adequate carbohydrates, you can add bread, rice, whole-grain breakfast cereals, legumes and pasta to their diet. 

2. Proteins 

Your baby requires adequate proteins in their diet since these viral foods are key to growth and development. Proteins are described as the building essentials for muscles, organs, skin and


Adding enough protein on your child's plate not only contributes to their physical growth but also quick healing after injuries.  

The most common sources of this important diet factor include eggs, milk, nuts, lean meats, cheese, poultry, and yogurt among others. 

3. Vitamins and minerals 

Human bodies need vitamins and minerals in order to function properly and remain healthy. Your child should consume these foods in order to resist infections that target babies and to keep their nerves healthy. 

Vitamins are organic and come directly from plants and animals whereas minerals are inorganic, coming mostly from soil and water. The most popular foods you could add to your child's diet for vitamins and minerals are: green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes and reduced fats dairy foods. 

4. Healthy Fats

Your child requires a decent amount of healthy fats in their body to break down fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D and E. Since human bodies cannot produce fatty acids on their own, you need to find out the best way to introduce fats into your baby's diet. 

You should be careful not to feed them on too many fats since excess of it is stored as body fat. Even at the good facilities that provide childcare in Macquarie Park, North Ryde, and other suburbs in Sydney, this is among the most observed factor. 

Some of the foods rich in healthy fats include fish, cheese, avocado, nuts and seeds. 

5. Adequate Water And Fresh Juices 

Proper hydration boosts your baby's immunity and keeps their enemy levels up. Our bodies are 60% made of fluids that aid in saliva production, food digestion, absorption and circulation. 

Bodily fluids also help maintain good body temperature and they should make a good part of your baby's diet. Both water and fresh juices are a good way to draw your child in on rehydration. 

Consider this information a solid foundation to build on when it comes to ensuring that your child is getting a balanced diet. It is vital to note that children with special health needs might have to alter their diet as per your family doctor's directive. You also should encourage your child to have their meals at regular intervals to match their high metabolism. And if you decide to have them spent a better of their days at any of the good facilities that provide the best childcare in Sydney, make sure the meal plans offered by the centre tick all the right boxes. 

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