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How Childcare in West Ryde Encourages Independence In Toddlers

Updated: May 13, 2021

west ryde child care

Toddlers have a natural drive to be independent and do things on their own. Being independent actually contributes to one's wholesome growth and impacts social skills. Encouraging self-reliance in children helps them to feel in charge of their life. They feel they can stand up for themselves and are not easily threatened by external hazards. However, for your toddler to achieve independence, they are going to need a lot of attention and assistance. Childcare in West Ryde has in place measures and activities that encourage independence in toddlers. Take a look at some of them.

West Ryde Childcare

The easiest way to help develop independence in toddlers is by allowing them to make choices. While attending West Ryde child care, caregivers often allow toddlers to choose their own play items. Sometimes they will offer their guidance. Once a child picks their preferred toy or is given the liberty to choose a napping position, they feel in control. This also builds confidence in them.

Allow Them Do Simple Tasks Alone

Toddlers tend to be energetic. Some will even want to do everything adults do. Knowing this, caregivers in every best long day care in West Ryde once in a while allow children to do simple tasks alone. It could be clearing the table after eating or tying their shoelaces.

Of course, this is done under close observation. Your child will also be given sufficient time to transition from one activity to another. Once a child makes little progress, they are cheered on and this encourages them to do better.

Encourage Healthy Risks

In an effort to nurture independence in your child, caregivers encourage children to undertake new tasks. Tasks such as letting a child ride a bike with no support or climbing a hill are considered health risks.

But caregivers in every great childcare in West Ryde are always keen on helping your child overcome their fears. In fact, they challenge them to go even beyond that. As your child engages in these activities, the caregivers will be in close proximity. This is so that they can jump in and help the child in case of an accident.

Proper Toileting

While attending childcare in West Ryde, your toddler will be taught the basics of hygiene and toileting. Normally, when a child is ready for potty training, caregivers encourage them to pull their clothes down and back on.

Also, they teach the toddlers how to climb up and down the toilet seat. With time, they allow them to try and flush the loo. Teaching them how to clean and dry their hands after using the washroom encourages independence as well.

At home, you can help them wash their hands. But thereafter, give them drying towels and challenge them to dry their hands.

West Ryde Early Childhood Centre

Children can only explore and thrive in an organised and safe environment. Centres that offer childhood centre in West Ryde provide just the right environment to encourage independence.

Caregivers ensure that the spaces children play in are hazard-free. They teach them basics like where certain toys should be kept then a day after challenge them to store them on their own.

An organised environment boosts independence as children get to easily concentrate on a single task.

By Being Patient And Gentle

When encouraging children to be independent, one has to be really patient. This is because, in their quest to do a new thing and impress you, they may end up creating a mess.

Caregivers are usually very patient with toddlers. They give them enough time to do whatever it is they are doing then proceed to clean the mess.

Also, they keep encouraging children to perfect their art despite them taking too long to learn. Little progress is commended and this makes the toddler feel appreciated.

In addition, they avoid shouting or scolding children as this would instil fear in them. Instead, they gently correct them when need be.

Set Routines

Setting predictable routines is another way of encouraging independence in children. Consistency helps your child feel safe and well-prepared.

Developing and maintaining a routine actually helps a child know what is expected of them. Every best childcare in West Ryde has in place well-structured routines. The routines help children anticipate activities and get psychologically ready for them.

Embrace Mistakes

One of the best ways to learn new things is by embracing the mistakes you make on the way. The same case applies to toddlers learning independence.

As much as you may strive to be there for them at all times, you will not always be present to correct them. As such, it is important to teach them that mistakes are sometimes inevitable.

Providers of long day care in West Ryde encourage toddlers to embrace mistakes by allowing giving room for a second attempt. This way, the child knows that making a mistake does not signify the end.

Nurturing Free Play

Free play helps to foster creativity and problem-solving skills in your child. In every reputable child care in West Ryde, free play is encouraged but within the premises. With a variety of art, building and moulding materials, children are given a chance to be creative. Their efforts are always praised and this gives them the morale to keep at the creativity.

These are just some of the techniques providers of childcare in West Ryde use to encourage independence in your child. To support this, it is also important that you challenge your child at home to become independent. Remember that your child’s confidence grows as they are learning to become independent. As such, you should praise your child’s appropriate behaviour.


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