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How Play-based Learning Is Important For Child Development

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Between birth and when your baby is ready to join school, they enjoy a period of curiosity and development. In North Ryde, Sydney, there are child care facilities ready to step in to help make this part of their growth a success. 

Whichever child care option you choose in Sydney depends entirely on what works for you. This could be based on different factors like the number of hours you want your baby looked after, the charges incurred in the process or even the number of kids you intend to put up for care. 

However, one factor that remains constant among all of us is we want the best childcare in Sydney. That option that takes great care of our baby’s growth and development. Now, one major way to ensure you are getting the best out of your child care option in North Ryde is by looking at the kind of learning that your baby is exposed to. 

Play-Based Learning In Child Care

One of the major ways that kids learn effectively is through play. Due to their natural curiosity, children try to emulate the environment around them by copying and acting out their experiences. 

Therefore, engaging them in child development games earns them physical, social and cognitive skills when they get exposed to dependable play-based learning. It develops their interests and moulds how they make decisions even later in life.


Whether you want to get back to work or you are not in a position to look after your child, here are some of the benefits you will gain out of exposing them to play-based learning in Sydney or in North Ryde:

1. Cognitive And Critical Thinking

By engaging in children development games, your child’s brain is exercised and can carry out tasks simultaneously. This, in turn, helps them be able to carry out activities, both simple and complex, with ease. 

These games help your child in thinking over problems to come up with workable solutions as they think of the many possible ideas they would try on a single task.

2. Easy Transition To School

Children who skip the play age, whether at home or in any child care setting, have a hard time settling in school since their minds are not ready for the change. 

By engaging in learning games, your child understands the different choices surrounding different situations. They adapt to these changes by acting them out and almost predict the outcome of their actions. 

3. Better Social Skills

Most North Ryde childcare centres have introduced games where your child plays with others in different roles. This exercises the part of their brains responsible for relating with others by leading, submitting, cooperating and positive competition. 

During these games, they express their feelings by talking to each other and learn other behaviours in different circumstances.

Better Communication

Taking part in child development games allows your child to interact with others by listening to them and speaking back. This forms an interactive exchange of words and develops to form language which is a basis for effective communication. 

They question their peers or caretakers on things around them and within the time they can tell things apart like colours or shapes and then move to describe these things in structured sentences.

Builds Their Confidence

When your child can think through simple tasks, exchange words with their peers and solve simple challenges, they become confident and want to graduate to more complex activities. All this progress is good for their wellbeing as kids and influences who they become later. 

Play-based learning helps them tackle situations both by role-playing or taking part in roles with others and boosts their confidence with each complete task.

While you may have numerous options when it comes to choosing the best childcare in Sydney for your kid(s), it is important to go for the option that exposes them to enough play-based learning. This will play a huge role in their growth and development.

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