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Reconnecting With Your Child After Care

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Spending time away from your loved ones isn’t always easy. It is even harder when that loved one is your child whom you dropped off at a facility that provides child care in Top Ryde in the morning. 

You wait anxiously for your reunion in the evening and can’t wait to know how their day went. You make mental arrangements on how excited they will be, sharing details of the friends they met, a new lesson learnt and so forth. 

Only that when you finally meet, the imagined excitement is not the first thing you are always met with. This is disheartening and you wonder how to reach out and reconnect with your baby. You are not alone on this. 

Children handle different experiences in different ways and being gloomy or disconnected after childcare is just one of them. However, this should not worry you much. This article breaks down various ways through which you can reach out and reconnect with your baby.

1. Create Time

Evenings are not easy for you after a day at work. They aren’t easy for your child either after a day away from home. While you may be exhausted from work and in a rush to make dinner and ready everyone for bed, time for your child makes a whole huge difference. After picking your child up from the place they were attending childcare in North Ryde, create time for them to unravel and relax with you. This is key to strengthening your bond.

2. Talk To Them

Other than the usual conversations you have with your child, it is important to talk more to them after they come back in the evening. Develop a habit of gently asking how their day was, how many friends they made and stuff like that. Do not rush over your conversation as they may still be tired to open up to you and you might miss out on important details. Questions like what they like about their facility may shine a light on vital details on your child’s experience with childcare in Lindfield.

3. Engage Them In Your Work

Your child is less likely to open up and share about how their day went if they talk to you as you do house chores. While a normal question and answer session helps, it may feel like an interrogation for your child who is already exhausted from childcare stuff. Talking to them as they assist you in the evenings makes your talk more natural, allowing them to share their experiences freely.

4. Share Your Stories

Does your child ever imagine you were a child too and might have had similar experiences as they do? If not, you are missing out on a very helpful tip. Sharing your childhood experiences with your baby makes them feel comfortable to walk the same path as you did. If they haven’t adjusted to childcare, tell them stories about how fun you made it for yourself. This encourages them to ape your ‘survival’ skills and settle in faster.

5. Play With Them

This might have you frowning, especially the thought of setting aside time to play amidst your full evening schedule. It is true, playing with your child after a day away might steal a few of your minutes, but the results are worthy. To help your child adapt easily to childcare in Chatswood, bond with them in the evenings by playing house games like wrestling, cards, building blocks just to mention a few. Reading their favourite story also helps.

6. Listen To Their Woes

Starting off on the wrong foot can ruin your baby’s experience with childcare in Macquarie Park or elsewhere. While most of your child’s grumbling eventually dies off when they settle in, you need to listen to them. 

Don’t dismiss their constant talk about a bully, a bad meal or an unfriendly staff as this could very well be their reasons for not wanting to ever attend childcare in Macquarie Park at all. Listening to your child will help you identify real childcare issues before they morph into larger problems. 

With these few tips, you can help your child smoothly switch from childcare to your home environment. A combination of all of them helps you know more about your child’s attitude towards childcare. This is vital in ensuring they settle in fast and benefit fully from the program. It also cultivates the relationship between the two of you despite spending hours apart over the day.

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