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Encourage Your Children To Play Sport At A Young Age At The Best Childcare North Ryde

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Children's playing game

Spending lots of time indoors makes children inactive, which follows them into adulthood. That is why you are encouraged to let your child out so they can interact with their peers and take part in physical activities. Have them attend childcare in North Ryde because this is where they can do all that and more.

Sports are among the essential activities your child has to take part in to grow into a healthy and active adult. Besides keeping your child active, sports also have far-reaching benefits as discussed below by our childcare experts. Read on to find out why your child has to take part in them.

Physical Strength And Stamina

Much of the bone structure development happens in the early years. Calcium is one of the essential elements required for proper bone growth and being outside makes this possible. Vitamin D from the sun makes it easy for the body to absorb and store calcium needed to build and strengthen the bones.

Playing also strengthens your child’s bones and muscles, giving them great physical strength. This further develops their balance and boosts their physical fitness.

Physical activity also burns excess fat leaving children healthy and eliminating the risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Social Interaction

Most of the sports your children play while attending childcare in North Ryde requires them to work as a team. This helps children involved to learn to cooperate with their mates. They learn to identify character traits and gain virtues like patience, empathy and understanding.

That aside, coming up with strategies to win or beat other teams requires communication between your child and their teammates or opponents. This kind of teamwork during sports not only makes them better communicators but also creates a sense of belonging.

All these things eventually lead to better social skills for your child. They get to learn how to easily communicate and reason with others.

Coordination And Balance

Your child needs stable balance and coordination to perform daily activities with ease. Without these two, they will end up struggling to complete tasks like walking, holding things, sitting up straight and standing among others.

Taking part in sports eliminates the possibility of poor balance since your child is able to flex all their muscles. Other than putting the muscles in practice, playing gives your child control over their posture reducing the risk of injuries.

Better Vision

Eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma are common amongst children today. This has largely been attributed to excessive use of devices such as smartphones and too much TV, both of which have been linked to eye damage due to constant exposure to the blue light.

However, that is not the only reason your child needs to play actual sports. Being inactive exposes your child to poor high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This eventually leads to vision problems.

Regular exercises will improve your child’s eyesight by keeping blood flow into the retina and optic nerve constant.

Good Discipline

Providers of child care in North Ryde often introduce rules and regulations during playtimes. They further supervise children during sports to ensure all these rules are adhered to such that each child gets a fair chance.

By participating in these sports gets your child accustomed to observing time, sticking to schedules, letting go and even allowing others to play. The discipline they learn at this stage lasts longer than their time in childcare and keeps them active, organised and focused in future.

Boosted Self-Esteem And Confidence

Whatever image your child develops of themselves at an early age mostly follows them for the rest of their life. It is at this age that your child can step out of themselves and weigh their positives and negatives, helping them choose what they are proud of.

Participating in sports with others helps your child identify traits they love about themselves, which is a basis for good self-esteem. Being part of a team makes them feel appreciated and they strive to do their best to fulfil their part.

Your child will also develop better confidence to face other issues through repeated losing and winning in sports.

Your child can benefit from all these when you encourage them to take part in sports. Since team games are almost impossible to execute at home, have your childcare provider help you in coming up with physical activities that your child will find fun. Alternatively, enrol your child in a facility that provides the best childcare in North Ryde. At Kids Planet Academy, we value sports and have heavily invested in facilities that enable your child to participate in as many sports as they like. You are welcome to visit us to learn more.

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